The Lucky Jinx


Brigitte doesn’t like the name Brigitte. So she preferred Myka, Nica or Nix— evident of how liberal she is in every aspect of her life.


In 4th year high school, she declared her nonappearance in the upcoming prom; everybody in class who claimed to be her friends convinced (and pleaded) her to go. I thought she was fooling us: I thought that she was just being Kulang Sa Pansin (KSP). I ignored her decision, and I said that
she would impossibly do that. She’s a ‘girl’ and girls like her love prom nights. And come on— Nix? She has expertise over ridiculing people.


Remember in 2nd year, she narrated a story that transpired beyond our classmates’ knowledge. She told them th
at she and her crush (some senior named Mark) had some hanging out together or whatever to that effect. I knew it was too good to be true so I never cared of it much. Then all my classmates would be astounded of her Lola Basyang story that they actually believed it! Nix then broke to them that they were being fooled! Ha ha. See?


Going back, I went nuts th
at she in point of fact did not attend the prom. Nix is sure unpredictable.

Of course, this girl is all-indifferent. One time, she divulged it to me ‘bout the only people whom she really minded. They can only be counted in her fingers— and all the rest in this exploited Earth were just like invisible to her.

Again in high school, there was a time when she nonchalantly baptized me as childish. I knew better than myself so why are you telling that, I retorted to her. Well it was just now in College that I shrewdly realized that I was really that childish. That was true.

Well quit the serious narration now. I wish you all the best in your trashed life (peace!), Nix.

And of course, Happy Birthday and may you go over some thoughts of smoking? For the government warns, “Cigarette smoking is (very) dangerous to your health, girl!” Ha ha.

Happy Birthday again!


When you happen to greet her, address her as GIRL. It annoys her! Ha ha.

And may I again remind her ludicrous love life before: Ralph, Ervin, ____, _____. Ha ha. I’m that nice so I withheld the other names. And of course now, her sexual infatuations on some of her friends make me go bananas. Kadiri! Peace.


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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    hahaha. grrr. this entry made me laugh…

    grr.. no! i actually was cringing in anger
    and amusement the whole time i was reading this…

    when you told me that you made an entry for me, i dint care much.. but now.. GRR PAKYU BARRY! and you even had the balls to show the pictures in your class?! grrr.

    but well.. hmm. thanks. hahaha. i know you wouldnt wanna hear some corny baduy cheesy sappy lines from me.. so id stick with saying only THANKS. hahaha. mwahx. nixlovesyou. insincere, eh? haha. lul pakyu.

    aye, i havent smoked for 4 days now. yeabah! my mom’s with me this week eh. hehe.

  2. anong yinoyosi mo?

  3. hmm. depende sa kung anung meron. pero madalas, marl lights.

  4. marl = marlboro, right?

  5. FYI: i don’t uh smoke

  6. another round of birthday bash. i really hate birthdays.

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