Seventeen y Seventeen

MAMA: Happy Birthday, long live!

BARRY: Ma, I’m still seventeeeeeen. Not seventy.

I woke up 7:30 yesterday morning and my inbox contained messages from friends. Almost everyone SMSed me, “Happy Birthday Barry!” I expected that it would occur, not that I feel very self-important but I just knew that those people would of course remember that I was brought up in planet Earth 17th of September.

Then many more succeeding messages in my phone sprouted during the day. I began to note some people who actually knew that it was indeed my birthday— how the hell did these human beings know? I thought for a while.

It kept coming as I saw CMC people whom I identified as my friends greeted me. I reciprocated by giving a humble smile and a right thumb up. I could scarcely say “Thank you” or “Thanks” knowing that I nauseate from corny statements. Then in this instance when I was talking to Ate Max who was greeting me, Mang CV (a technician from the Film Department) overheard us and even said “Happy Birthday.”

For the first time in my birthdays, I did not celebrate grandiosely. I just had a fine dinner last Sunday at home in Marikina with relatives. Budgeting freaks me out and receiving gifts, uh, forget it: I’m not materialistic.

I went home with sheer joy: many did greet me. I loved it that they actually remembered the day that some naughty creature came into existence. I’m still grateful to those who knew my birthday from somebody else’s mouth. Ang sarap ng feeling that I had a vast social life— I had many friends whom I shared my effing life with.

Certainly, there are countless things on why I should be happy. The UP Pep Squad obtained the UAAP Cheerdance competition trophe. My salutations!

UP PE ROCKS! My orgmates were there

My new blog is hipper! I love WordPress!

ICEBREAKER: Most UP people could not believe that I just turned 17. Ahoy, I am 17, seventeen, 17, seventeen, 17! =]

And again, thank you to those who greeted. May God bless you too and may Gloria resign soon!

TEXTERS (chronological haha): Nix. Juni. Golda. Jep. Shantel. Marida. Nina. Mafi. Anne. Kris. Kathie. Kay. Ivan. Bikoy. Yayi. Steph. AC. Kim. Joma. Katt. Czarina. Ge. Yvonne. Mikey. Carissa. Abby. Lauriz. Jedd. Judy. Ada. Marian. Aien.

PERSONALS/OTHER MEANS: Anna. Bev. Charmaine. Cherrie. Chesa. Christer. Con. Dang. Ela. Flau. Harry. Ivan. Ivy. Janet. Jean. Jek. Kea. Loren. Maxine. Meg. Nika. Norly. Patty. Rach. Ruth. Transfi.

*This old man (with the CMC library deposit area as his post) must begin to chant to his gods gratitude songs for it happened to be my birthday yesterday.

I left my ID at home so as a consequence, I will not be granted entry to the lib. But I really needed to enter so I approached him, “Puwede pong pumasok kahit walang ID?”

Hindi,” he countered.

Diyan lang po ako sa may mga newspapers and stuff,” I felt the urge to make kulit of him.

Di nga puwede eh!” he grimaced. Feeling mortified, I went out of the lib.

“Sucker,” I whispered to myself. And now, my watch says that it’s payback time. See you in the library, misturr. Grin.


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. hala. was i really the first?! hahaha.

    angas. game fight. belated
    happy birthday pating!

  2. yup. sinave ko mga greetings eh. thanks haha

  3. Yeah..dat’s true barry! Having all these people around you is more than enough for you to be happy! Kaya learn to treasure each of dem.. hehe!! Enjoy being 17!! Go!!!..

  4. aw. hahaha. ako naman, dami naggreet.. shet puro unsaved numbers. hahaha.

  5. to jen: sureness

    to nix: there’s such thing as a phonebook hahah peace

  6. Di ba kita nabati nun birthday mo?

  7. barry, i believe i greeted you personall kaya.. hmp-ness!

  8. ..postscript: i still can’t believe you just turned 17! hmp-ness! hindi yan totoo..hahaha!

  9. natawa naman ako sa message ng mama mo!..
    vast talga ang social life mo sa cmc.. kaya i’m telling you, you shud run sa election!wahaha! go barry!

  10. personally ung una..nagkulang.. taenang keyboard oh!

  11. to kuya jerick: i forgot hehe

  12. to anne: i can’t run for the CMC-SC, masyado akong bobo para dun hehehe

  13. you can.. sige na!haha.. dami perks nun!haha! chairman barry..yihee….

  14. ahahaha, anne, c amae ang dapat tumakbo

  15. hoy kuya jerick hahaha boo talaga

  16. ay! check! si amae at ikaw- tandem! ayiheeeee…=)

  17. tandem? amae-barry? sira, the intelligent and the stupid, respectively

  18. pa-humble pa to! sapakin kita jan eh! yihee… amae-barry.. kinikilig..haha. peace tayo barree!!

  19. magagalit si Maxene!

  20. maxene magalona hahaha

  21. Anne Grace Apostol -J101 T 10-1pm

    aaaww..god barry! u are so kapal.. like angel, she’s not anu anymore…wahahahaha!!

  22. Grandiose birthday never existed on my dictionary. But it could happen when I’m older siguro. Still now, I hate birthdays.

  23. My friend on Facebook shared this link and I’m not dissapointed at all that I came to your blog.

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