Maroons, Not Morons

Oble, don’t just stand there! Go annihilate those, umm, Bulldogs!

HOLY DISCLAIMER: This is only a rumor/issue and has not yet been verified.

In our 1 pm Broad Comm 100 yesterday, we spent the first hour waiting for our professor and chatting all over. The amount of decibels in the classroom could suffice the noise pollution needed for one to go crazy. Then out of the blue, my blockmate Ela broke this rumor/issue to me (she got from a fellow blockmate too):

(I apologize for the lack of few important details. Again, this is only a rumor/issue and has not yet been verified.)

Nasa tabi iyong mga UP Pep Squad and then pumarada sa harap nila ang van ng NU. Pagkatapos binuksan daw ng mga cheerdancers na nasa loob ang mga windows tas pinagdudura nila ang mga dancers natin. And above all, sumigaw daw ang mga dancers ng NU ng “MORONS!” against iyong Pep Squad ng UP. Ang ginawa ng isang girl from our dancers eh hinabol ang bus at pumasok at inaway ang mga NU.

This is completely insane. Since the moment the UP Pep Squad won, I have refrained from sending friends from the other universities and even in UP SMS messages that upset those who did not win in the UAAP cheerdance competition held recently. Of course I find it very bigheaded knowing that indeed, we scarcely have a chance on getting in the UAAP Men’s Basketball final four.

Also, I do not absorb all what my professors stories and jokes adverse to the universities outside UP and spill them all over people. I often try to be humble as I myself is a stupid student.

The question: how could these students from the National University do this?! Spitting at someone (even if the dribble weren’t suppose to settle on that someone) is very much bastos. It is very uncouth. This is no subject to whom did win or not. Are These Guys Sore Losers? Another point of exasperation: a blockmate of mine remarked, “Of all people, how dare them call us ‘morons’?”

HOLY DISCLAIMER: Again, this is only a rumor/issue and has not yet been verified.


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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. barry!1st of, i don’t know if nkaparada nga ung NU bus.. 2nd, i did not say na pep ng UP ung cnabhan nla, at ndi ko rin alm kung cnu nga frm UP ang cnabhan nla.. 3rd,it’s pure chika and i really don’t know if it’s true! and lastly.. how dare you say my name! ngmuka tuloy akong chikadora nito! arrrggghh!!!

  2. nakalagay naman na “HOLY DISCLAIMER: Again, this is only a rumor/issue and has not yet been verified.” heheh peace ela, nagpapaka journalist ako, smooth on my words and giving the story a fair view. naks, whatever. basta sino ba naman ang di magagalit dun sa tsismis na iyon heheh

  3. if this is true, kapal nila huh!=) of all people, tama ung nagsabi nun.. duh! what can they be proud of?? we are wwwwaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy better than those bulldogs in every espect.. sshhheeeeshh! duh lang talga!

  4. relaks lang anne heheh

  5. katayin ko yang mga bulldogs na yan eh gawing pulutan, isama pa ang mga tigre!wahahaha!=)

  6. bitter bitteran tayo ah, hahaha, wag naman sanang majinx next year

  7. ay,..sorry pala dun sa last comment ko.. i just realized na ang dalawa ko palang bestfriend eh mga tigresses.. peace USTE! *baka kuyugin ako dito!*

  8. hahaha, lagot

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