Daily Archives: September 26, 2007

Winds of Love


Juni is really getting on my nerves: she’s racing ahead of me in the music career. Hah! I know I am an ambithiotho and illuthionado. Hehe.

Juni’s debut album here: “Winds of Love” tama ba? Inside this CD ia a repertoire of inspiring songs for only P300.





In the last few weeks, I had the urge to consult a physician or any squalid albularyo I know. College has taken my life, that’s why I can’t even be precise about personal health concerns. I looked at the mirror and saw my head engorging like a balloon!

What the?! Hydrocephalus, is it?

A flash of lightning!

A roar of thunder!

My common sense shrieked, “No moron! It’s just your hair— have it trimmed dude!”


So now, I’m drenched with academics: exam in Journ101 , report and finals in BroadComm100, film analysis and take home exam in Film100. Whew, I could choke anytime but thanks to SpeechClass (we won’t be having it since yesterday). Speaking of it, our last classmate who delivered his extemporaneous speech culminated Comm3 musing over everything that has transpired within the four corners of room 301. I would miss this class definitely; since freshmen I always got excited to have a class like this. And thanks to Ma’am for not giving us an exam or even a simple quiz. (Comm3 pictures here, sniff sniff).

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