Popcorns in Korea


There’s no film more irksome than Moments of Love with a ridiculous ending like that! Imagine some bachelor in his twenties finally getting to meet his “soulmate” who’s almost decaying that any moment in time, her soul might leave her body. I know it’s purposive to bring the ‘happy-ending-complacence’ but the movie pioneered instead on ‘horrible-ending-condolence’.

Last Tuesday after our dejected SpeechClass, I rushed to the UPFI Cine Adarna to meet with several MCOers and watch Ditto (one of the free screened films featured in the Korean Film Festival 2007). The mini brochure distributed beforehand wrote that the film was a mirror of Il Mare in where “a female university student talks through a radiophone to a male schoolmate who lives 20 years away”.  

Soeun, the lass living in 1979 countered In from 2000. (Read: radiophones in the new millennium). Little did we know, the story revolved around a close-to-romantic relationship between the lead characters and not actually l-u-v. They had their personal partners and stories. TECHNICAL: I liked how the background music was apt for their respective scenes. (FILM100? Yeah right!)

I hate to say this but the movie had the potentials of being nominated to the Most Baffling Conclusion In History award. In set off to meet Soeun in his year— meaning she’s in her late 30s or early 40s already. So there came the scene where they were peering into each other’s eyes. And oh Soeun! She hasn’t changed that much: Ate Loren uttered that she (Soeun) applied such quantity of (Oil of) Olay.  

PS This movie is for people who believed in True Unconditional Destined Forever Love. Huh?


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  1. hmp-ness, di ko ko napanuod.. tanga ko kasi! nakalimutan kong 2pm xa last tuesday, nakatunganga lang sa sa lib while waiting for ela.. JSA pinanuod namin ni mokx,ganda din..=)

  2. “for people who believed in True Unconditional Destined Forever Love. ”

    yay! ka-cornihan barry.. i should’ve watch then.. tsk, tsk..sayang.. nakuuu!

  3. hoy anne, binabash mo nako hahaha joke

  4. Il Mare still tops the notch. And ditto, I hate Moments of Love more than Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. I mean, Abrogar f*ckin claimed that Moments of Love was their f*ckin original concept? F*ck. 😀

  5. This blog reminds me of the Movie blog of Bikoy of bikoy(dot)net.

  6. to neil: did gozon-abrogar claim that? whoa, stupid people might have believed her haha

  7. to richmond: kuya bikoy’s? ooh

  8. di ko maalalang sinabi ko yun ah! haha.

  9. sinabi mo iyon lol

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