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Journ Mess

UPDATE!!! The video’s okay now.

I made this petty laughable video about our TV reporting in Journ 101 held months ago in Kamuning Police Station. Groupmates are Judy, Anne and JP. (Don’t worry, I asked for their permission).

Go ahead, ridicule it.

My productions team includes me, me and me: Lousy Editing Skills Productions (L.E.S. Miserableh)



Barry in a Boy Band??!

When boredomnixia tries to brusquely strike the whole of my break, I unearth all ancient CDs in my collection and actually play them one by one. And then suddenly, I wanna become a member of a boy band! That’s the shit.


WESTLIFE- Before this band came into existence, there was Boyzone. Our loyal maid in grade school listened amorously to the ballad songs of Ronan Keating and his friends. She condemned that Stephen is gay because his voice was uh… effeminate? Westlife is just like their reincarnation- only that the English boys were into the limelight after a year or so.


Well, anyway here are my all-time favorites:

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I Miss School

This may sound weird but I miss school. I mean, my highschool friends and I are not going out much as expected. I am not missing school for academics, puh-leez. I miss my block. I miss my orgs.


from Ate Kim

Do-nots in Donuts

I had just had my driving lesson with my dad. The routine has been that first we get to buy in Mister Donut and then have merienda then we go driving. But the meal failed me.

I confess: I love cheap 20-peso donuts i.e. Mister and Dunkin. I mean, whatever ingredient those bakers poured on those pieces of bread has got to do something with perfection. Munching on those sweet and delightful circular lumps is like having an uno in Algebra, right?


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