The Media center Bomb

Dust and gusts caressed CMC last Friday signaling the (supposedly) end of the lengthy semester. It was a perfect scene: the sun radiated out streaks of yellow and the sky lent a space for the color blue. And the Media Center for once was sucking up people who, to begin with, didn’t know such infrastructure existed in the university’s premises until then. (Read: a blockmate of mine once remarked, “Ah, iyong building (Media Center) na iyon?! It looked so dilapidated.”) Though, I notice some workers now furnishing its other portion, and no, the Media Center is not a white elephant: DZUP’s station is located there.  

Anyway, together with other blockmates Anne and Amae, I trotted to the place to view and listen to the BC130 class productions. Freezing for more or less two hours inside, I felt coziness good enough for rejuvenation.


 *Minus the few technical flaws and “mechanical glitches” (read: Wowowee scandal), here’s my little reviews for the TV Pilot Episodes: 

a. DILIMan Presents: Bitin (almost grand-slammer BEST TV DRAMA)— the casting was highly laudable: Guia (the protagonist) was of course too pretty for his suitor Drew, who was inclined to being the “makulit/nakakainis” type of guy; Lara emanated from being an also-star to a mysterious role adding to the enigma; and who couldn’t forget about Agnes’ projection of ambivalence, mendacity and fright. Not to mention, the cat in the OBB was telegenic. 

*awarded with best: screenplay, cinematography, editing and people’s choice 

**best: director: Christer Salire, actor- Echo dela Sala (Drew), actress- AA Fernandez (Guia), supporting actress- Mercedes Cabral (Agnes) 

b. Ma.ta— Andrea Antonio’s murder was as bewildering as any CSI installment. To add, the flashback scenes were possessed with the right mood. And the acting of the schizoid a.k.a. murder culprit Nicole (orgmate Ate Wap) was pure talent! Bravo! 

*awarded with best: scoring, production design 

c. Lloyd of All Trades— Hilarious indeed, aside from seeing Lloyd (Kuya Bikoy) goof as an unlucky promdi, Kuya Bong (my Comm100 professor) acting for a comedy, your all-favorite Inday (from widespread SMS jokes) articulating sound English in one scene, and personified Oble who has been starving for almost a century. Lloyd’s quest for a panacea left us all laughing. 

*awarded best supporting actor: Sir Alfonso Deza (he’s my Comm100 prof. The last time I’ve seen him on TV was in Super Inggo though I didn’t patronize that kiddo show. Now he’s in ABS-CBN’s Prinsesa ng Banyera. Lol.) 

Radio documentaries were as follows: 

a. The Doctor is Out– people’s choice

b. Tinig Natin: DZUP Noon at Ngayon

c. The Examiner (BEST RADIO DOCUMENTARY) – best: script, scoring, sound design, editing 

PS I could’ve not gone last Friday to school: I had no classes. Only that I’m in for watching CMC-produced flicks and radio dokyus. Last excuse: I love my orgmates. Lol.


with blockmates Jean and Amae(other pictures here)


HAPPY BIRTHDAYS to: Aubrey Barrameda Oct.8, Ivy Mungcal Oct.9, Maj Nuesa Oct.13, Carlo Grajo Oct.14 and Kimberly Tan Oct.17! Read what’s on my mind. What did it write? LIBRE? Perfect, got it!


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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. grabe fan ka pala ni serafina the cat, kaya ka pala nanood dahil kay serafina the cat haha joke. Seriously, salamat sa iyong suporta sa Bitin mula sa pagiging extra hanggang sa pagpupublicize sa iyong blog at actual ticket selling. Pero di mo kaya nameet yung 19 friends mo na quota haha. Natouch naman kami na wala kang class pero nanood ka pa rin or if i know, wala ka din magawa sa bahay niyo hehe 🙂

  2. aww. i love my orgmates nga eh LOL

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