Ironee Granger – I choose you!

After this (dreaded) Tuesday, the whole academic semester shall retire. My sembreak rather I shall attain my justice. But when I think of it, what shall await me in my vacation in Ilocos? Let’s not take into consideration the usual lakwatsa, family bonding, high school classmates’ reunions and siesta. This simple: The Television.


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Watching TV on a recurrent basis is something new; it is because I am not a couch potato.

(Lesson learned in BC100 on why the idiom “Couch Potato” fancied on potato and not tomato, gourd or radish: Potatoes come in different shapes and sizes much like humans— from the intelligent to the idiotic. Every potato has a definite center of gravity that it would only achieve one certain stance. Gradually, dust powder mounts up on its surface. And if you would try to nudge a certified couch potato, he will ignore you and he will go back to his original position in accordance to his “center of gravity”. Who knew Psychology and Physics once fused? In that case, it would bear one horrid subject: Psycholophy or Physchology.)

This break, GMA7’s daily cartoons will get the best of me. Translation: I wanna watch Pokémon, Detective Conan and Slamdunk again! I love those shows ‘coz each had their innate sense of irony:

a. Pokemon – Their world is surreal and an inch closer to a utopian place. Their most malevolent criminal team is a ludicrous trio commonly perceived as clowns. Ash Ketchum and his friends trek on a journey to “catch” more Pokémons and win all trophies and badges. Cool fact: they’re spared from tedious school work and ensued on gathering cute cool colorful creatures. Sad fact: they only have one set of clothes for the entire (mis)adventure.


picture here

(In my first year in College, there was an event wherein we were asked to be in costumes. Our theme then was “Pokemon”. I personified Mr. Mime as a lanky basketball player someone would see in a street court. LOL.)

b. Detective Conan – When I was in grade school, I loathed this program. Would I be at home at 4pm ALONE and turn on the tube only to watch cartoon characters with bloodsheds and all? Eek! But now, I really wanted to get myself involved in every mystery. (Like how Dora “The Explorer” wondered on where she would journey, Conan would bedevil the audience on who the culprit is and finally solve the case.)

c. Slamdunk – A drama story twixt your respected gigantic basketball players, that’s the irony. Another thing what one should love in this cartoon series: their depiction of one second (as in the time) takes way longer than a snap of a finger.


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  1. pokemon fanatic ako since grade school. i still play the gameboy game now. ruby version. haha!

  2. Me likes Detective Conan. It makes me rack my brain. I’m even planning buy a pirated version of it, kahit na kelangan mong basahin ang minurder na subtitles. Haha.

    I liked Pokemon, pero mas addict ang kapatid ko dito. He has multiple versions of Pokemon for his GBA. Hindi ko pa rin gets kung ano ang difference ng mga version na yun.

  3. Pokemon. I’m a huge fan of it, especially when I was in Grade 5. Had a collection of its trading cards and always tuned in on every episode. It’s like I got too much dosage of watching one-of-a-kind creatures getting along or fighting each other. Lol. I rarely play the game on GB though.

    Detective Conan. That’s one of my favorite anime shows because of the every storyline featured. Mystery stories are thrilling, that’s why. I really got myself on guessing the suspect on every episode.

    Slamdunk. Not really into playing basketball but I appreciate the sport. With the silly basketball games and the hilarious antics of Sakuragi and the rest of the cast, this show got me hooked even further. Still, that didn’t convince me to play basketball. Lololol.

  4. hey thanks for visiting my site and leaving a comment. Yup my header pic is from UPLB. Are you from UPLB?

  5. to JAU: ako rin, naglalaro nuon. there was one time na an layo na ng narating ko then nacorrupt ung game, damn!

    to CHRISTIAN: bili kang detective conan. exciting.

    to DAN: Sakuragi is a clown.

    to Makoy: nope, UPdiliman

  6. Kelan kaya matatapos ang saga that is Pokemon?

    I love Detective Conan! Bakit hindi pa nagpapakita si Kaito Kid?? Gusto ko yung rivalry nung dalawa eh: Shinichi Kudo vs. Kaito Kid, the detective vs. the thief!

    Slam Dunk. Exciting ang mga laban, kaso sawa na ko. Ibalik ng GMA-7 ang dating anime tulad ng Weiss Kreuz/Knight Hunters, etc!

    Adik ako ngayon sa Eyeshield 21, anime na pinapalabas ng ABS-CBN na katapat ng Pokemon. Saludo ako sa quarterback captain na si Hiruma Youichi, matalino, ang galing!

  7. Dude, ang corny pa rin ng jokes mo.

  8. to kea: ang adik sa anime LOL

  9. omgee..alam mo bang simula ng umuwi ako dito sa zambales eh naging favorite ko na ang tatlong yan?! haha.. especially detective conan!=) sana may ganun ngang detective..wahaha…

  10. love slamdunk too! syang lang, matatlo sila ng Kainan..aaww lang…

  11. it would have been better if they stop rerunning the shows!! Come on.. it started to air since we were in grade school and up to now it is still there!! haha!! wish they update it with new episodes!! especially pokemon n detective conan!!

    PS>. Favortie detective conan edogawa!!

  12. aus ah… pokemon?!? cnu k dun c james? haha

  13. unnamed person

    i luvs me some pokemon!!!!! anyway why do they call it MR mime??????? it can be a girl. confusing…………

  14. cough …………cough

    too much dust , this stuff is so old , any how philosophy-wise , i think that u’r overdoing it a little

  15. I’m still a huge pokemon fan and i’m 21 now POKEMON FOREVER and i still rock the pokemon shirts haha yay!!! pika pika

  16. I want to play pokemon on-line on my PC. Hope to have one version

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