Dangerous to Your Health

I’m now here in the province, thank goodness! A while ago, I was in a sari-sari store to buy candies. The ale reiterated, “Marlboro?” What the, I thought. And then I said that I was to buy those candies and not that yosi stick. Marlboro? Begin hallucinations…


In Mr. Malalim-Mag-isip 2007 pageant, the host in neat tuxedo asks, “Candidate number eight-hundred and seventy-six, this your question. Many of your friends and acquaintances are now smoking. Therefore you perceive that they are projecting this idiosyncratic modernized “coolness”. With all that, why can’t we see you lighting a stick?

Then I pondered. Well, let me ask you: Why should I?

There are things in a teenager’s life which bears cosmic obsession. In high school and College, I see and know people who get undue addiction on the Internet, alcohol (not the isopropyl), coffee(licious), Short Message Service perked up by the Unlimitxt craze, spending cash on vanity goods, illegal drugs and alas, smoking. Too bad, nobody gets addicted on studying.

Lately, the UP Admin implemented strict ban on Smoking inside campuses. Does that mean that its execution before was not necessarily “strict”?

Well anyway, I still ruminate that Smokers should not automatically be declared as bugbears. That’s bigotry. But it should also be provided still that they should not belch nicotine puffs when in company with other friends who detest the act lest having lung cancer or any respiratory infections.

After all that critical thoughts, I would retort, “Oh, is it just me, or did I fall in Mr. Mababaw-cum-Gago 2007 competition?”


PS I don’t smoke. And I drink very very very rarely.



What the hell is happening to my yahoo account: barrycyrusviloria@yahoo.com. YMail declared that it is a void one–  who gave them permission?! Hindi daw registered!


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. UP Admin need not to implement strict ban on smoking inside campuses because there is a law prohibiting everybody from smoking in public places, isn’t? Now, I wonder what happen to that republic act.

    Well, I don’t smoke either. And I’m not planning to smoke. It’s disgusting and I love my life.

  2. here’s the comment you’ve been pestering me to give.

    shit. finally! it’s sembreak already! the only thing i regret during the vacations is that i cannot have updates regrading you-know-who from you anymore. well, not completely zero updates, but rarely anyway. :p

    i don’t care much about those who has the need to make themselves suffer slowly by inhaling and then exhaling nicotine concentrated smoke, what i care about is the second hand already inhaled and obviously exhaled smoke that reaches me.

    while we’re on the topic,
    does you-know-who smoke?

  3. to steph: i think hindi.

  4. @barry: what a relief. made me feel so much better!

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