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X Days before ‘Reprogramming’


It’s just 27 days before Christmas. Getting excited, huh?

I always anticipate for Christmas. It’s the only time of the year where I hold my horses and escape from being a hideous monster and transfigure into a meek lamb. It’s the season where I am really really nice and humble. It’s the season to pray. This is not corny, people.

I’m someone who doesn’t expect gifts for Christmas aside from the reason that generally all my friends are kuripot (on second thought, so am I. Lol.). For me, Christmas is some time where bonding should be first in Sta. Claus’s list. (I didn’t believe in this incredibly obese guy: we had no chimney at home.) Not Divisoria sprees. Not for snatchers to let loose from their paddocks. Not overseas trips. Not peace. Not even love. There’s no such thing that you would actually want to be with someone this Christmas because you vehemently miss or that you love him/her or whoever. It’s that you want to be sheltered and secure; the thing is that your family or loved ones are the only ones who can give it to you effortlessly. Duh.

Have you ever wondered why it’s always wintry during Christmas?

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Kiddo Loco

Childishness begets immaturity. It’s quite a fact. Back in high school, I was branded as one. Puerile is the word. My classmates would all seem “mature”, as they would spank on my face. True, I lived or cartoons and such. But now, everybody rebuts themselves: pronouncing to the whole world that they loved have been loving all those childish stuff until now. WTF?! And I was like, “Look who’s talking!”


(This is Nightcrawler in X-men Evolution. He’s one blue heroic klutz.)

I invite all resident UP students in UPMCO‘s… 

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All Out of Luck

I feel suicidal, but then I love my life too much. The blogging hiatus was a result of the delinquency I have provoked this past week. I’ve been really a bad student. In which case, “bad” is defined as “being late in class on a recurrent basis, not reciting, and being terribly absent-minded.” This behavior was not on my plans this second semester, as my subjects are just purely revolting. Second semester-shit has just attached strings on me to transform me into a lazybones marionette.




But with positive thinking, I’m going to turn everything upside-down FROM NOW ON. I promise That’s the spirit. Eek! (Who am I kidding?)


1. I’m the luckiest guy alive. I was about 30 minutes late in Comm130 and my professor demanded me to stand in front while she interrogates on me. She said that she’d let me pass in one condition: “Kumanta ka.” Sheeze. Guess what I sang – refer to this blog entry’s title.

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Her She

12:45 PM. Blankday. It broke my heart. Really. I saw that guy kiss HerShe’s hair in the sidewalk– through the open window in the jeepney I was in. She finally comes into that vehicle and greets me. In return, I leered at her. I was supposed to be nonchalant. But then I didn’t talk to her. Deep inside, my vital organs were coiling. It was worse than what I’ve gone later that afternoon (being cuffed by a Frisbee disc). I thought split na sila. Or so I thought.

10 (something) AM. Just that morning when she saw me for the first time this semester, she hollered my name. She opened her arms. She was suggesting a hug. With no second thoughts, I gave in. I hugged her for about two seconds. It was the best two seconds of my College life. I should never have hugged her. I thought it would go well for the day. But oh, she shattered my heart in two hours.

It was weird. I was just feeling this recently. And it scares me.


STOP. This blog post is totally crap. It’s pulsing with cheese and corn. Goodness, when you see me in school you all have due rights to punt me in the head. Oh, please do. This is a bizarre condition of mine when I feel very dejected and wretched. This is some sort of my escapism, you know.


Nothing much. I’m in the school’s Main Library and will be having a Socio101 class in half an hour. I have been thinking for weeks about podcasting. As in the voice. Doing so is quite cool. But hell, when I really am forced or engaged to talk, I talk a lot. The thing is gobbledygook does come out from my mouth. And you’re not gonna like me. Lol. I’m too shy for this. Yuck!

Steph was egging me to watch One More Chance starring John Bea Cruz and Lloyd Alonzo. Puh-leez. Don’t let me start it: I don’t want to see myself getting nausea at any moment in a cozy theater.

Lastly, may I just greet the following people? You see, I have not gone over greeting my friends of their birthdays coz I was too preoccupied by uhh things.

Bianca Yap OCT.21

Simon Borromeo and Kathie Naval OCT.27

Ephy Leynes OCT.28

Tincy Cabebe OCT.30

Jeline Mendoza and Nel Tayao NOV.5

Nika Veron NOV.7

Jau Asis NOV.13

Marnee Pe Benito NOV.16