Friends, Frats, Fkuc


Before anything else: Thank you Lauriz for this. Belated Happy Birthday anyway! LOL.

High School could suck – without the liberation you always wanted and of course, all those teenage-rebellious syndromes. I once declared, “I don’t miss high school!” and “College is more fun!” Back then, I spent four consecutive years with almost the same people: believe it or not. It was fun; you had a menagerie of all sorts. There were the FilthyRich, BadInfluence, ChakaToDeath, HottestPairOnEarth, NerdEver, RoleModel, SantaSantita and so on.

But no, it was not nakakasakal or what. It’s just that everything becomes boring and you seek (while tearing your hair and fuming in your nostrils) for something new. Enter College. Dream come true. And then suddenly you miss high school. Weirdness.

November 3, Friday 3:30 PM– Lauriz assembled us in a classy café in Vigan to sponsor our class’s reunion and as delayed birthday celebration. I wasn’t excited at all. I mean I knew then that I am to have all laughter and accustomed kumustahan and stuff like what we classmates do whenever we have the chance in every semester (count Christmas) break.

The café was split into two; we, 21 people (there should be 46 of us), stayed exclusively in the other portion. Then we waited for everybody else. Then BOOM!

Everybody was missing each other that instead of greeting “Ui, Rhea musta ka na?” in Ilokano, they bellowed “RHEAAAAAAA!” We were in such bliss that afternoon, alongside the food and iced tea (or wine) served. It was quite a strange situation when we troubled ourselves appointing the “prayer leader”, and oh, I was finally assigned from the fact that I was voted as Spiritual Team Leader in Senior class. LOL.

It was so much fun guys. I can’t wait for Christmas.

Yeah, I missed you all. You all gave me a reason not to blight our school. You all gave me a reason not to want to go back to the metro. You all gave me a reason to long everyday of high school. That’s when we people think that school really sucks, but friends will do everything just to make it feel like seventh heaven.


Thank you for embracing my Ilokano curses which I miss in Manila doing so. LOL.

*Give a Gift – I went in a rendezvous with Jokko, Ralph and Iris minutes before the birthday treat and decided to buy a gift for Mesdames Chan. We, four flat broke jesters, bought a P40 worth of sunglass case for her! LOL. Pasensya, mga walang pera eh.



Speaking of friends, my blockmates and I just ate in a chicken-roasting restaurant along Katipunan. I missed them too.


I’m here in Manila now, and hell – enrollment wasn’t still over and classes will start tomorrow! How’s that?!In the bus station in Vigan before departure, some middle-aged guy who claimed he lived in Xavierville, Katipunan. He asks me where do I study.

BARRY: Diliman po, sa UP.

GUY: Ahh, anong frat mo?

BARRY (wrinkles brows): Wala po.

GUY: Ahh, good.

Tell me about typecasting!


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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. Ei, i like it..anyway, ung writing style mo, hehehe.barry na barry…more than that, i really agree with your thoughts..nakakamiss tlaga..Thank you ulit…..Bak to Skul mode ka na..hehehe

  2. yey. thanks for the papuri. xcited nak ag-christmasen

  3. hahaha nakapagreunion n tau wala p rin ung yearbook!!!

  4. lol. the yearbook should come asap, or we shall burn that school. hahaha. joking.

  5. sweet! Tama ka barry, kakamiss talaga samahan natin lahat… hop to see u agen this xmas!! if buhay pa ako until xmas break..=(

  6. to jen: bakit, may illness kba?

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