Best ‘Late’ Plans

sheldon_plansI’m not a book aficionado. As in before, I used to finish a book after more than a month: YUCK! I started reading books only in my high school. (No, I’m not referring to textbooks or children’s books.)

Well anyway I just read Sidney Sheldon’s Best Laid Plans. The quaint thing was that the book was just sitting in my room, ignored by some crass college student who only read “comical” books like Youngblood3, Zafra’s Twisted series and short stories, etcetera. You know, boredomnixia could one way or another lead you somewhere in between productive and lethargic.

Anyway the book was about an intelligent Leslie Stewart aiding the waning publicity of Oliver Russell, a horny gubernatorial candidate. (He was so horny that he had many bed moments with different ladies.) Eventually they fell in love with each other. Until the guy jilts Leslie days before their marriage for the sole reason of ambition

– he goes on to marrying an influential and all-wealthy senator’s daughter. With all drive, Oliver with his imposing father-in-law makes it to the White House. Meanwhile, Leslie becomes herself affluent by procuring egoistically several media institutions.

“He wanted power. She wanted revenge.”

This was an all-vendetta of course. It’s a simple media against government feud as the woman screws everything up just to put down the president. Big evidences fostering Oliver as the primary suspect for the alleged murders surfaced. But as soon as everything was looking up for Leslie, she herself defies all journalistic standards and resorted to printing the excellent framework from police investigations pointing the president as the criminal. Or so she thought: her selfishness swallowed her whole. . . It turns out that the real culprit was Oliver’s most trusted subordinate. The minute everyone realizes it, her newspaper headlined it wrong. So much for her best laid plans.

The remarkable thing about this book was how journalism as a vocation and career was put into the limelight. Leslie bought publications and TV stations just to push on destroying the guy who abandoned her after their engagement.

More importantly was the side story, Dana Evans a hardcore skilled news reporter gets into having her career at a pinnacle as a TV entertainment host. When her boss asks for a renewal of her contract, she hesitated and their conversation went like:

DANA: I’m quitting… I want to be a foreign correspondent.

BOSS: That’s a miserable life! Why in God’s name would you want to do that?!DANA: Because I’m tired of hearing what celebrities want to cook for dinner, and how they met their fifth husband. There are wars going on, and people are suffering and dying. The world doesn’t give a damn. I want to make them care.

In the middle of the story, Dana goes to an overseas war and dares to broadcast everything she has seen first hand. She herself cared for everyone there especially the kids victimized by the war – then she even met Kemal, a boy who would get close to her heart. For meddling too much, she gets herself shoved by the lords and becomes traumatized. At the end of the story, she finally adopts Kemal.

I love my course. You see, Journalism might sound horrid but the fun is there. The heart specially is always there in everything that journalists do report.


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