All Out of Luck

I feel suicidal, but then I love my life too much. The blogging hiatus was a result of the delinquency I have provoked this past week. I’ve been really a bad student. In which case, “bad” is defined as “being late in class on a recurrent basis, not reciting, and being terribly absent-minded.” This behavior was not on my plans this second semester, as my subjects are just purely revolting. Second semester-shit has just attached strings on me to transform me into a lazybones marionette.




But with positive thinking, I’m going to turn everything upside-down FROM NOW ON. I promise That’s the spirit. Eek! (Who am I kidding?)


1. I’m the luckiest guy alive. I was about 30 minutes late in Comm130 and my professor demanded me to stand in front while she interrogates on me. She said that she’d let me pass in one condition: “Kumanta ka.” Sheeze. Guess what I sang – refer to this blog entry’s title.


2. In Econ100.1 (an 8am class), I have been having a shoddy affair with attendance. It’s not so easy waking up (very) early recently. The hell, my professor is that celebrity – labeled as “notorious” by those Econ majors. Talk about luck!


3. Our first Newswriting assignment was to make an essay about the Real Love Revolution blah blah in Le Pavillon, Metropolitan Park, set in Manila. There were performers like Julianne Tarroja, Miguel Escueta, Christian Bautista, Barbie Almalbis, respectively. The topic was about not engaging in premarital sex. Yep, so high school.


4. I was quite erratic in PolSci14. In the first few meetings, I was actively participating in class. Then suddenly I was petrified! My professor would have the habit of gazing at me and would then ask, “Do you have any question?” I think he lives in this bizarre animé world where he sees floating question marks floating above me. Sheeze.


5. Sport climbing as a PE subject needs a lot of personal enthusiasm. In the first trial of climbing barefoot, with no belaying rope whatever, we were individually tasked to traverse sideways past those columns. In my turn where I was busy in this transition whatever, there was this rock (which I recognized as a beach coral) which was so huge but then my hand slipped on it, so I fell! It was three meters or so, so it didn’t hurt actually. As I rose I declared, “I’m okay!”


6. Socio101?! Readings. Readings. Readings. Segue to the mutant barrage in X-men 3.


7. The most pathetic experience ever was in Journ151 or Advertising class. As usual, I came in class late, only to see that… there was no class at all! I immediately phoned a blockmate who screamed, “Walang pasok, sabi ni Ma’am last week, diba?!”


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. Oh, you have Monsod for Econ?! Good Luck, my favorite Econ Prof!!

  2. yep. kumusta naman siya sa grades? hehe

  3. I actually got good grades, hehe. kaya nga favorite ko siya. just study and listen. 🙂

  4. My friends do have a professor that considers singing as a stress-relieving punishment. Too bad I wasn’t included in his class.

    And oh, Monsod’s really tactless – in a good way. Andami-dami nang nagsasabi sakin na she’s a wacky prof. 😛

  5. Oh rily!? kumanta ka??!! Shocks! Kaya pala lakas earthquake barry!! Hehehe… mwah!!

  6. to utakGAGO: really really wacky prof.

    to jen: nagearthquake kasi natuwa mga fans ko LOL

  7. may nabatuhan na ba ng eraser sa 100.1 mo? haha.

  8. to jau: wala pa naman. hehe

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