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Whatever Happened to Taste

HEY: Before anything else, I think I would be, along with my orgmate, in RushTV starting tomorrow till Friday this week. 6PM every day, Studio23. I actually don’t know what segment would I appear LOL. =]


I could have rejected my friends’ invitation: Enteng Kabisote installments could really bring nausea in no-time. I mean, need I explain to you why?


Tony Y. Reyes’s Enteng Kabisote 4: Okay Ka Fairy Ko… The Beginning of a Legend tried (very hard but ineffective) to plot an encompassing and ingestible storyline that would make a chance of relating to the relatively young audience of what the hell were the EK flicks all about. If you think the lengthy title would make you puke, wait till you watch this movie (in which case, I’m warning you not to).

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My 12 Days of Christmas

This is a post-Xmas entry that would categorically narrate what happened in my pre-Xmas:


So we all hear bells jingling (including UPD’s Carillon). So we hear Jose Mari Chan’s classic and oh… carolers who actually wail threshold. So we hear sappy greetings via jammed Unlitxt from friends. Christmas, is it not?

SEPT17: My birthday — technically 100 days before the real event and the beginning of Christmas celebration in the Philippines. FYI: we of all (Asian) countries commemorate this the lengthiest

DEC3: I joined MChOrale. It surprised a few and it shuddered the rest! That night begot all evening rehearsals to prepare for the CMC Carolfest and the DZAR audition. Chutzpah and no curbing for me.

DEC8: We scampered to Ortigas (not to mention the MRT trips which only on the Philippines, such trains do defy the law of inertia) for this DZAR audition thingy. Particularly the ‘second-best’ boys: Christer, Ed and me were th only one present facing the horror of the absence of Mr. Incredibles Simon and Harry ! To redeem self-esteem, Con connoted, “Pag nakapasok tayo, at least may naprove kayo sa sarili niyo.” =]

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This Sem Ber

It’s been a week since Jessica’s birthday and I haven’t thought of some birthday entry that she’ll like. Until I poured out all my corny juices and resorted to some letter-format one. I hope you all like it!



My dear friend,


I know our friendship whooshed at climax in our senior year in HS. With that clammy bird poop on our elbows when we were eating in the cafeteria in St. Paul Bocaue (for this Paulinian schools congress whatever), I could almost call you “best friend”. I had told some of my secrets glibly to you that to others I won’t rather dare tell; including my short-term love lives. I made tukso to you about our classmate who went delirious on your “beauty” and I texted you his number a thousand times in which subsequently you kept erasing in your phonebook to efface such claimed horror.

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Believe it or Not

When I meekly claim that I am now a member of MChOrale (UPMCO’s official singing group), people would have the urge to either propel from constant chortling or throw-up slugs ala Ron Weasley in The Chamber of Secrets.


(from Ate Dang)

They wouldn’t believe it. They would almost resort to believe all kinds of myths and superstitions. Well, I’m not surprised though. Lol.
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