Daily Archives: December 17, 2007

This Sem Ber

It’s been a week since Jessica’s birthday and I haven’t thought of some birthday entry that she’ll like. Until I poured out all my corny juices and resorted to some letter-format one. I hope you all like it!



My dear friend,


I know our friendship whooshed at climax in our senior year in HS. With that clammy bird poop on our elbows when we were eating in the cafeteria in St. Paul Bocaue (for this Paulinian schools congress whatever), I could almost call you “best friend”. I had told some of my secrets glibly to you that to others I won’t rather dare tell; including my short-term love lives. I made tukso to you about our classmate who went delirious on your “beauty” and I texted you his number a thousand times in which subsequently you kept erasing in your phonebook to efface such claimed horror.

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