This Sem Ber

It’s been a week since Jessica’s birthday and I haven’t thought of some birthday entry that she’ll like. Until I poured out all my corny juices and resorted to some letter-format one. I hope you all like it!



My dear friend,


I know our friendship whooshed at climax in our senior year in HS. With that clammy bird poop on our elbows when we were eating in the cafeteria in St. Paul Bocaue (for this Paulinian schools congress whatever), I could almost call you “best friend”. I had told some of my secrets glibly to you that to others I won’t rather dare tell; including my short-term love lives. I made tukso to you about our classmate who went delirious on your “beauty” and I texted you his number a thousand times in which subsequently you kept erasing in your phonebook to efface such claimed horror.


Those were just a pinch of all happy happppppyyy memories you left on me. Before freshmen year in college began, we SMSed and phoned each other for updates and chatted about our yucky PBB-Teen crushes: your Matt Evans and my Kim Chiu. And when you entered College earlier than me, you kept me informed on how you spotted Joseph Yeo in La Salle and that you were astounded that he hasn’t still been out in that university like what you expected. Lol. Speaking of, you related to me on why you chose DLSU instead of UP and ADMU. DLSU was your “dream school.”


In my 16th birthday in Gateway, you joked that you wouldn’t come— it saddened me a lot— but hey, you came and you wore this brown-orange-green striped shirt instead of what color I instructed everybody of us to wear: white. But I wasn’t at all annoyed or what: Because You Were There.


You even invited me and Tin in your school and said that you were touched on us traveling from Katipunan to La Salle with all those two dog-tiring LRT trips and the whole amount of body odor in LRT-1, so in return you made us libre in this restaurant that is not Japanese but served Japanese food! Then in December, I saw you in Ilocos and together with our other friends, I had fun again with you.


Enter 2007 – I couldn’t hear from you anymore. You wouldn’t drop an SMS or just tag on my Blogspot like you would normally do. And I thought, there’s nothing to feel self-important or obnoxious about for you might have decided to plunge yourself into the pits of academic focus. So I ignored it. I waited. And waited.


I haven’t seen you last summer in Ilocos for I had summer classes.


The next time I’ve seen you was in Joana’s debut party last August. It was the first time I’ve seen you in less than a year.


But I was shocked. Not only that we lent each other little pansin but also, we barely gave each other very little laughter and chit-chat – that wasn’t exactly normal to me at all. I just wasn’t used to that. I felt I was a leper. Or invisible. Or realistically, I felt I was just someone in the party unacquainted to you.


I’m sorry for being so madrama (as they call it).


I just miss you, my friend. I miss you.


Your cutest friend,




SHOCKS! Di ko talaga bagay magdrama. Eto nalang:


HOY Jesika, mangilibre ka duduol! Wahahaha.


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. gago!!!! yaaaak! nagdrama ka!!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkk!!! leche… nya nga agilibre!!! hahaha
    thnx thnx… =))

  2. HAHAHA our canteen back at SPCB really sucks with the bird poops! LOL. and i remember that hamburger meal. it sucks a lot.


  3. to jek: yuck nga eh hahah
    to utakgago: bird poops everywhere!

  4. YAKADIRI!!!!!!! cant belibs i reds ols dats!! PWEH!

  5. to nix: LOL would you want next year ganyan rin sau? LOL


  7. hmp.. wala akong ganito.. hatechu!

  8. to tin: yaan mo, gawan rin kita hahah
    to anne: you too, next time

  9. walangya ka!!! next year pa un eh!hmp!hmp!

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