My 12 Days of Christmas

This is a post-Xmas entry that would categorically narrate what happened in my pre-Xmas:


So we all hear bells jingling (including UPD’s Carillon). So we hear Jose Mari Chan’s classic and oh… carolers who actually wail threshold. So we hear sappy greetings via jammed Unlitxt from friends. Christmas, is it not?

SEPT17: My birthday — technically 100 days before the real event and the beginning of Christmas celebration in the Philippines. FYI: we of all (Asian) countries commemorate this the lengthiest

DEC3: I joined MChOrale. It surprised a few and it shuddered the rest! That night begot all evening rehearsals to prepare for the CMC Carolfest and the DZAR audition. Chutzpah and no curbing for me.

DEC8: We scampered to Ortigas (not to mention the MRT trips which only on the Philippines, such trains do defy the law of inertia) for this DZAR audition thingy. Particularly the ‘second-best’ boys: Christer, Ed and me were th only one present facing the horror of the absence of Mr. Incredibles Simon and Harry ! To redeem self-esteem, Con connoted, “Pag nakapasok tayo, at least may naprove kayo sa sarili niyo.” =]


DEC10: The MChOrale faced the moment of truth… tadaaa, the CMC Carolfest!We dominated the CMC Main building lobby with our (jing-aling-aling) repertoire! A million thanks to th MCOers’ shrieks aka moral support.

DEC14: The stupendous University Theater staged the University Carolfest and MChOrale came as CMC’s contender. Interestingly, it was my first-ever public performance in that huge hall.

DEC16: I whooshed to UP on a barely exciting Sunday for my Econ100.1 exam. It’s quite amusing to see the school busy with student and stress ambiance then filled with family bonding and barkada stuff. Unconditional peace. Only to find out how to compensate with the terrible exam later!

DEC17: I almost asphyxiated upon seeing my 32/50 in my Econ test paper! Sniff sniff =[. Some uber-nerd perfected it, amputek! My self-loathing was replaced with excitement and glee upon receiving from Simon that indeed, we’re now a finalist in that DZAR competition! Now, that’s even!

DEC18: I didn’t peruse my PolSci notes for a presupposed graded recitation for you know, that day is Oblation Run day. UP students, media people and some other people would rush to AS for this and more reasonably, classes inthe building SHOULD be suspended. Thank Hades, we had class! Grr.

DEC19: I was about to induce in a semi-coma. Early morning, I went to Bikoy’s amd distributed letters for the following day’s MChOrale caroling in their village. After everything, he dropped me in UP in where I schmoozed shortly with fellow kuripot Melai (Lol). Then other MCO orgmates Ruth and Mafi suddenly approached to hand their gifts. Aww. Thanks guys. Then for a while, I stood by in the DZUP station for an RC Events Comm meeting. Then later I managed to stay longer with Yvonne, an intern, for Audio Portal (a radio show). Up next, I went on to the jubilating Lantern Parade (’twas my first)! Meanwhile, due to bobbing circumstances, Meg and me hosted some spiels for a segment in RushTV.

I think you can catch me for a week in Monday, 6pm in Studio23!

DEC22: From all such awful things like, MChOrale endured to go o SM Manila for our DZAR competition. What the?! PUP chorale is there, not to mention other “fearful” chorales. Yep, we lost.

DEC23: Off I go to Vigan =]

(surprisingly, out of conscience I still managed to buy my pamangkins these)



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