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My Civil Weeding

Last night, with nothing to do aside from (once again) transcribing for an orgmate, I subscribed for Unlitxt20 after a loooong time to take a recess from downright boredom. That was as soon as Ada SMSed me (and everyone else) about her supposed “civil wedding on Feb. 30.” At first scan, I was disconcerted. My God, what was she thinking?! I can’t imagine a HS close friend getting married in, like, sophomore year. But after getting her SMS right, I was completely allayed. Lol. And afterwards, I thought of messaging it to my UP friends as well, as if I was the one getting married.



Then promptly, almost all of them sent something like,

Ang corny mo! Wala namang Feb.30! Funny, Barry but not good enough. Hintaying mong pumuti ang uwak. Anong bagong trip mo sa buhay ha? Hahahaha!”

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Bee Bold

I often marvel about the successive animated films reigning over Hollywood. And like many others, I supposed Bee Movie wasn’t for kids. It was for the satiric, rebellious and defiant uhh people— like me. It’s pretty much like a Shrek installment, only that Bee Movie is less funny but totally more astute.



If I were a bee, I would never be a bee. Or given the chance, I would initially kick the bucket. This movie was more political than I thought; yes people— this paltry film encompasses even jim crow in one scene (recall: “You White Men!”). And I bet you wouldn’t believe me if I would pronounce this as some sort of edutainment. Lol.


Scholarly Works of Mercy

Giddiness has reached my desk— which is now clear from the academic stuff that virtually sent me to insanity in just one day. Things are looking up for me these (following) days! As I just suffered from what Econ majors would say, “business cycles.”

Jean, Shen and Je: PE 2 friends

I finally finished Ynna’s transcription and would soon attain what I “deserved.” Hehe. Transcribing can be really really grueling [right Patty?!]. Anyway, yesterday was a “chillax” day: after squeezing out my academic-deduced stress in PE (Sport Climbing). So in the pic above, there’s Jean, Shen and Jé in a fish shop near Power UP, the gym we utilize for our climbing sessions.

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The Crammerhead Shark

Being subversive to academics for-academics’-sake could earn me a hammer whack from my neurotic parents. Tepid moments call for escapism— no thanks to the Internet because I need rejuvenation: a round trip from heaven to hell and then back to Earth.



The immortal Macroeconomics guru John Maynard Keynes has been my ruining my life. I hoped that Econ 100.1 gets me somewhere else beyond a whopping grade of three. And seriously, I am not interested with this subject.

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