Thirty Pesos?! Sa ‘yo na.

This is a post about what happened last Christams break. Wala lang.



Dec. 29 – My cousin sent me to St. Paul to play for her bingo cards, moved maybe by the coercive “charm” of the nuns: all this day for my former Alma Mater’s alumni homecoming program. So for the first time this academic school year, I appeared over the school grounds cramped with my blissful youth memories. There are times when I don’t feel like it; yes, I miss my batchmates especially my classmates and then all the other tedious routines we did (read: praying in every class). The thing why I didn’t go much there during the latest breaks is that I loathed seeing some of the nuns and teachers. I feel like wheezing to avenge the below-line-of-90 they marked on my report card. Evil.


[one of my faves: very candid]

During the actual gambling, almost all of us soared to a terrible hunger –voila— there was a table of food we eyed! I first thought that it was served for free: For The Alumni Exclusively. But hell no, it was an opportunistic enterprise. They serve the iced tea for P30 and the clubhouse for P65!!! “Have mercy on us;” we almost cried. Even if the caterer was from a snooty restaurant we were still complaining. As for me, I hate overpricing—it’s so not Econ.


other pics here

The Bingo Socials was uneventful for me, as usual, so we headed to Jokko’s place for his planned party-whatever. As usual, we spent the dusk-night-midnight-dawn-high-noon with pure fun and games. Moreover, this somehow culminated the [very shor]- Christmas break. Lol.



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  1. I was also supposed to meet my HS friends last December 29. But I was in Manila so I was not able to go to our reunion. You see, the meeting time was 6:00PM and I was in TriNoma at that time. I can’t believe that I missed it.

  2. huwaaat!!?? grabe talga mga paulinian sisters na yan!hmp!hmp! i wasn’t able to go to our alumni homecoming nung 29 din due to my kaartehan!ahaha.. hui! andami mong friends na boys..make lakad me so i’ll not be sad anymore.. ahaha.. talgang binenta ang sarili! sorry about last saturday barree!:P

  3. yo xtian: sana pumunta ka.
    to anne: arte arte hahah kidding

  4. haha, here’s your ever so waited comment barbi: NOSEBLOOD. hahaha..ha? 🙂 i hate overpricing too, makes the feeling of insanely money-broke soooo overrated. haha. you ha, you make me epistaxis with your words. ehem* ehem* i think im the 3rd person to read your blog, and i totally agree, the school sucks. haha, although i have to say, all i wanted to track back in that place is all of our kadas. moohahaha.

    ps: i hate you jokko! hahaha, you have to be extremely rich to have an elevator-and, stupid me, you are aren’t you? hehe, tnx for the food though.

    barbi, this is a loooong comment. you made me kulit about this every now and then. you want me to make it longer? hahaa. 😀 props ulit for your camera!

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