Bee Bold

I often marvel about the successive animated films reigning over Hollywood. And like many others, I supposed Bee Movie wasn’t for kids. It was for the satiric, rebellious and defiant uhh people— like me. It’s pretty much like a Shrek installment, only that Bee Movie is less funny but totally more astute.



If I were a bee, I would never be a bee. Or given the chance, I would initially kick the bucket. This movie was more political than I thought; yes people— this paltry film encompasses even jim crow in one scene (recall: “You White Men!”). And I bet you wouldn’t believe me if I would pronounce this as some sort of edutainment. Lol.


Barry B. Benson (Jerry Seinfeld) finally graduates from school to start his career; indeed he “waited all [his] life to the point of working all [his] life.” (What the?!) A bee’s job after graduation is spent in his entiiiiiiire life, producing and utilizing honey. Translation: a bee would work to death (with no promotions or whatsoever). The underlying principle is that if every minute work is done well in the hive ‘system,’ it would produce a lot: from the stirrer (Barry’s dad) to the pollen jock (Barry’s ultimate wish). He then finds his liberty by joining the burly pollen jocks outside the hive to actually talk to, yes, humans. The first human he got acquainted to was a florist named Vanessa (a constantly yelping Reneé Zellweger) in whom he later develops some weird romance later.



After abandoning (and flaying) the norm of a bee life, Barry goes on a frequent visit to Vanessa until he himself discovers about how human beings exploit and “steal” bee honey from well… bees. He later discusses everything with all legal conformity suing at least five human honey manufacturers! He actually wins closing down the companies as the perks of the bee vis-à-vis human case. Hayyy, animation nga naman.



Eventually, the biodiversity falls after the bees got their unlimited source of honey that even the flowers outside their hives wilted to death. Then again, Barry and all other bees with Vanessa make a group effort to bring back the lush blossoms through pollination.


PS: Hideous Winnie The Pooh and ugly Piglet did a cameo in this film. Lol.


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