My Civil Weeding

Last night, with nothing to do aside from (once again) transcribing for an orgmate, I subscribed for Unlitxt20 after a loooong time to take a recess from downright boredom. That was as soon as Ada SMSed me (and everyone else) about her supposed “civil wedding on Feb. 30.” At first scan, I was disconcerted. My God, what was she thinking?! I can’t imagine a HS close friend getting married in, like, sophomore year. But after getting her SMS right, I was completely allayed. Lol. And afterwards, I thought of messaging it to my UP friends as well, as if I was the one getting married.



Then promptly, almost all of them sent something like,

Ang corny mo! Wala namang Feb.30! Funny, Barry but not good enough. Hintaying mong pumuti ang uwak. Anong bagong trip mo sa buhay ha? Hahahaha!”

So there: Aside from, yes, testing IQ levels which apparently shared marvelous results, I got to have myself some sort of bizarre intrapersonal laughter. You guys could have seen me; I was smirking and giggling all alone in my room like an asshole.


Anyway, last Saturday while making my print ad for Journ151 in CMC, several media personalities congregated inside the College for some “talk”. So there was a massive magnitude of brainwaves and eminence in that building in that very moment, like whoa! Fortunately, I came across ABS-CBN media magnets Ces Drilon and Maria Ressa and had photos of and with them. Sweiiit!



To add, I joined a brief meeting between DZUP-RC people and the College Collision (battle of the bands) contenders in the afternoon. FYI, I invited a band back from my former Alma Mater, the Orgasmic Explosion. The 8 [or 9?] bands will compete on March 1 in Tiendesitas. Good luck to all of us!

ADSPEAK UPDATE: Last Monday was the deadline of submission of ads as entries. For my print ad, my shoot was somehow a waste of time, that in the consultation, Ma’am advised me to use the yellow tape concept but change the background picture. Well, crossed fingers now!



AC Alba – Jan.6

Ela Teodosio – Jan.13

JM Tajon – Jan.14

Nina Barreiro – Jan.15

Trixie Alcaria – Jan.17

Bev Lopez – Feb.1

Rachel Hermosura – Feb.2

Flau Liwanag – Feb.4


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. thanks barry! ^______^

  2. walang anuman =]

  3. Last, year, I received an almost identical text message. In the SMS, my friend was inviting me to be one of those people who would help him choose briefcases in Deal or No Deal on February 29, 2007. Pero hindi naman ako nagoyo. I forwarded it to my friends, yung iba napapaniwala ko. Ang sayang manloko. Lol.

  4. XD…yun lang masasabi ko

  5. to christian: actually ako rin, nakatanggap.
    to kea: XD

  6. Wait… Maria Ressa? Where? Isn’t she Charie Villa?


    Q: We’re gonna hold a journ seminar here at Cavite State University. Ask ko lang po. May contact no/s ka ba ni Mam Ces?

  7. PS: Kainggit. Parang pumapasyal lang ang mga journalists sa UP. Darn. I should’ve pursued for UP in the first place –_–;;

  8. to neil: i’m sorry wala akong contact; pero i believe kung mag-email kayo sa abs-cbn, kaya yon =]

    as for GMA7, our org has invited h.severino for a symposium last year pa.

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