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Now that academics has taken its ‘temporary restraining order,’ I am in sleep slack mode— meaning, hidden-palms.jpgJourn 102 out, Journ151 aside, Econ100.1 vanished(!), Socio101 hibernating, Comm130 under comatose and PolSci14 on the death row. (But then again: as iffff.) These days call for relaxation. So hello, DVDs! Over the weekend, I watched Sydney White, Ratatouille and The Girl Next Door for the movies. It’s quite relieving to feel being “human” again (please understand how I became a straight-arrow acads machine recently). Hoorah… umm, joie de vivre!

A gazillion thanks to my cousin-in-law for lending me her DVDs, yay! I just began watching this American TV series, Hidden Palms. There were three episodes down and I had the choice to schedule the next viewing for next time to at least experience the bitin feeling. Para naman makuha ko iyong feeling pag nanonood ng teleserye. Lol. Hidden Palms, as a mere title, may sound uninteresting but believe me, the series is a major suspense-drama— riveting like a Sidney Sheldon book. Johnny Miller —fresh from rehab after witnessing first-hand his dad’s suicide— moves without his suggestion not to, in Palm Springs, CA with his antsy mom and inconsiderate step-dad. He then tries to escape the things transpiring in his dysfunctional family by mingling with a few neighbors: (1) there’s Cliff, the hip and carefree boy-next-door, (2) Liza, the modest and over-secretive girl; and (3) Greta, the “enigmatic” yet cute bombshell. Little did Johnny know that mystery itself is actually the lifeblood of his new neighborhood. Little did he know that the room where he’s been staying was the room before of this certain Eddie: someone pertinent to the plot who, I believe, also committed suicide.

Hmm, excite yourself myself.


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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. Alah, gusto ko rin panuorin! I will for sure… Pero mas excited me panuorin “My Bestfriend’s Girlfriend”!! Lapit na!! Buti nlng matatapos na exam namin dis wednesday!! ui, watch mu din ah!??..Hehe

  2. yung sa GMA films? yuck. hahah. Lol.

  3. yuck ka jan!! Cute kaya nun!! Napanuod ko na..hehe!! Sus, if i know, panuorin mu rin yon eh..haha!!!

  4. neverrrrrrr. Lol.

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