Journalism: My Course and My Curse


Sometimes, I feel pissed off when people especially my relatives ask what my course is. I become tamad of replying a four-syllable (or is it three?) degree program: Jour-Na-Lis-M. And at some point, people wonder what the hell did I just say! I mean if I took Engineering, or Business Administration, or Political Science, they would instantaneously perceive the essence of my course. This pickle, come to think of it, could be worse off with the people from Film, and even CommRes in CMC, right? Lol.

In my freshman year, I had my first henna tattoo on my left arm that wrote, “Jerrrn”, the term that usually comes out from the coñotic MassComm people. As of now, siguro 8 out of 10 have the first impressions of me as a BroadComm major. What the?! The remainder would have the notion of me being a Film student. No one, I think, has ever concluded at first glance that I am from the Journ course.



Before, I had the option of shifting to Creative Writing because I wanted to work after graduation in any comics, animation, entertainment and/or book firm. But little by little, I came to love Journ because of, umm umm, nakalimutan ko na. Hehe. And perhaps, I cannot seem to imagine myself on other industries besides The Media. I can’t be a lawyer— for sure, I’ll end up in an actual spat with everyone else. I can’t be a doctor or a nurse— simply because I have more of the potentials to syringe wrongly thus killing instead of curing the patient. I cannot be a public servant— I hate [Philippine] politics. I cannot be an engineer or business manager or accountant— I wished to be spared from Math. I could be in Architecture but they have Math subjects. I could be in Fine Arts but I feel disparaged by the other artists. Kaya Journ ako!

PIC: yesterday, we went to Batasan Hills for our Journ102 exposure trip



I remember what my “moody” Journ101 professor told us last semester, “If you think that Journalism is easy, I’ll flunk you!”

Of course, I know that the course is really that demanding. At first, I really hated news writings. In high school I wrote poems believe it or not. Then in Senior year, I shifted to writing opinion and feature.


PIC: our oral report in class pertained to the health beat, so I went to DOH with a groupmate.



Moreover, I know I’ve got some place in the media industry. No to the extrajudicial killings of the media! Boo.

Barry now all set for the future!

PS Speaking of fieldtrips, I’ll be going to Letran on Friday for AdSpeak 2008! Yay.

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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. ha, pag may nagtatanong sakin, maskom na lang sinasabi ko para ma-gets nila kagad.

  2. I remember what my “moody” Journ101 professor told us last semester, “If you think that Journalism is easy, I’ll flunk you!”

    ..she said this?? i can’t remember,haha.. namimiss ko na si ma’am..(huwaaattt??!!).. but i miss you and judy more.:P yiheee!!

  3. xet buti pa kayo may exposure trip neng!!

  4. haha.. ako sinasabi ko, “masscomm major in journalism”

    kahit mahaba atleast hindi na sila hihirit after.hahahahahha!

  5. or for more, BA Math Comm. Lol.

  6. haha, graduating na ako and some of my relatives still don’t know what my course is. haha. pareho kami ni reuben, masscomm na lang din ang sinasabi ko.

    anyway, hang on sa journ, i did and i think i made the right decision. (some advice: kumuha ng mga fun journ electives like 123 and 151)

  7. iyon nga, nag1151 ako. then next sem, 123. and journ is all-fun naman huh, haha

  8. i know how u feel…. especially when people raise their eyebrow when they hear what your course is…! 😦
    don’t be affected by them, just go on with your passion! haha!

  9. haha. i actually don’t see people raising their brows when they hear my course. they make kulit more because obviously they’re so dumbfounded about it. 🙂

  10. bayam… nursing lang gamin ammo da nga course. haha

  11. haha. wen man, karol

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