Boolentines Day

For the past week, I practically had NO BREAK at all.

I completely embraced extra-curricular activities aside from strenuous and mandating academics. In short, I’ve been living a busy life— as if I’m at some pinnacle of yuppie material. But in the end, when I go home –when I face my bed from work school— I tear down like New York City’s Twin Towers on 2001.

1. Last Friday, I went to Colegio de San Juan de Letran, Intramuros, to attend the AdSpeak convention. It’s a little unbelievable to account that as a known lakwatsero since birth I achieved a pint of independence, I took a cab to actually go there (it was my first time in such place by the way). I together with my J151 classmates slid our derrieres for a half-day in their auditorium to witness the event co-organized by our Advertising professor. It was an ad competition apparently.



I Joined the Print Category altogether with more or less 300 delegates from different schools and universities in Mega Manila… and oh!— surprisingly, I was in the top 20! I was so astounded when I saw my print ad exhibited in a separate building where the semi-finalists’ posters for Print were uh posted on wooden bulletin boards. Thank God! “[Not bad] for a first-timer,” Ma’am remarked.

2. Out of pure rapport, I volunteered myself for an orgmate’s film thesis shoot. I went to Eka’s (in UP Fine Arts) last Saturday while covering the Universitas Youth Conference (in UP School of Economics) in the same day. I am so glad I’m not a Film major—I mean I lacked the patience to do those things in the production. You have to at least combine arts and endurance to have a non-mediocre output. Hail thee, Film dudes!

My Journ102 this semester was just making lakwatsa everywhere: attending forums, cocktail events, conferences, Congress, etcetera. Naks. Lol.

3. Even though my PolSci14 exam petrified me to clueless-ness last Tuesday, I became happy in the end when I received my film review and police story for my Socio101 and Journ102 respectively in which I got high grades! How good is God, eh?

4. In line with Valentine’s Day today, I spent my Tuesday afternoon in skywalk to babble with some orgmates while waiting for the 4PM general assembly. Out of boredom, Ely grilled threw questions on me a la radio show about the “usual day ng isang Barry.” I retorted casually until it came to the finish about my love lives in high school to College level. It was fun somehow; that I had opened up so easily to them in which in regular cases I do not. And I just wondered… why they were so surprised to know my first crush in UP. I thought everybody knew her na.

It turned out Ely, Bev and the others were interrogating me for more or less 30 minutes. Hehe. Hmm. Kaaliw naman. I need a love life: I just realized it. It was two years ago when I sort of had “serious” cracks. And now, my friends have theirs and I’m with… NoOne. Yuck Barry. Lol.

Kahit na may sipon, sore throat, ubo and sinat ako, I wish you all a Happy Valentines (huwat?!)! Though, may I remind you guys still to live life. And learn to love life. Coz we know that we will always end up in that stage.

VISIT: Filipinos are hopeless romantics.


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. Wow! Congratz!! U really impress me ah!?..haha! Well, panu ka naman bgyan love life ni Lord..e..ur too busy!! Think abt it.. = ) Happy hearts day ulit!!!

  2. Congrats Barry! galing2. 😛

  3. to juni: wow, ikaw ba may lov life? hehe.
    to rona: salamat.

  4. LOL, kaya pala hiningi mo yung police chorva na yun! Congrats nga pala uli sa Adspeak!

    …cocktail events?! Ba’t kay Chua walang cocktail events?!

    ^^ cheers

  5. Still corny, still cheesy. Yuck.

  6. wala nga eh!.. hehe!.. busy din time!!..

  7. to kea: corny it is, valentines kasi. hehe. thanks! sali tayo sa adspeak nex year!

  8. bum=ela haha! new name ko ito. bagay?=p

    wow barry.
    ur ad was really good.Ü

    oh wait.. cnu c first crush?
    sbhin mu rn sakin!=p

  9. next time =]

  10. haha.. si first crush ba ung sinabi mo dati?? yiieee..

    haha. funny how i though of you as gay nung first day naten.hahahaha. peacE!

  11. thought. LOL

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