I See “Feeling” People

I didn’t go to the UP Fair. I think that booths, lotsa people, noise pollution, etc. will assail me with stress and so much stress. Not that I don’t like concerts but there are more acceptable, not to mention personal, reasons on why not to attend the evening-midnight-dawn event/s. Number one on the list: The Jumping Jologs.

When I asked an orgmate about how exciting was it when she went there last Tuesday night, she replied…

Punyetang mga JJ. Thanks to them, hindi na ako pupunta ulit ng UP Fair ever!

And guess what, thanks to her comment about the JJs, I have contemplated not to go for my remaining two years in UP either, unless they are annihilated or simply, shoved out from the Sunken Garden before they converge and go jumpin’. Eek!

 I don’t get their drama of being berserk, out from unlikely tipsiness and giddiness. The same orgmate narrated on how those people threw bottles of mineral water on the air— I mean, what the heck?!


♣ And yet, I pulse with downright torment with this another breed of assholes who are the, yes, Feelingeros. Unlike the JJs who just bloom during parties to show off black eyeliners, black tees, black nail color[?], black everything and bracelets I often mistake for dog collars, feelingeros exist in our classrooms airing out their impudent “achievements” or kung ano ang ikinalamang nila sa iba. They don’t ever think (as what’s supposed to be) about how perturbing their stories are. In fact and in real terms, they have these glowing capital L’s on their foreheads for LOSERS.


Mind you people, they can be very near you. As for me, I wanted to bring them down and see them succumb in helplessness. You know, it doesn’t pay to be too proud especially when there’s only too little to be proud of. So back off, you morons.


♦ Seriously, hands down to the Emo Wannabes! I have learned in Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho some time ago that Emo people are commonly teenagers who are still on the verge of deviance and rebellion. They spend their idle or not time on listening to Emo-Rock and pondering on suicide attempts. But come on what were they thinking?!


On the other hand, emo wannabes sport fashion that puts the U in YUCK. Those stripes and colors are so badly chosen. Those chucks are worn-out and consequently, matched to any kind of clothing and yet to any occasion, from Christening to the Anointing of the Sick. I’m no fashionista but apparently, I foam in my mouth with their type of uh fashion. Goodness! Whack their scrotums out!



ATTENTION: Mass Comm. Students (or generally all UP students)! DZUP Radio Circle is now open for application. Contact Micx at 09228778501 or inquire from the members. Come on, I’m so looking forward to be your orgmate! See you guys soon!


PS I apologize for such shit talk but I’m just so disturbed by their species— frankly, who’s not with me on this universal plan to thrash them? Lol.


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. you should try to go at least once, just to see it for yourself.

    just maintain a safe distance.

  2. why let them spoil the fun you may have had in attending the Fair? seriously, barry!

    p.s. nice pic ^____^

  3. yes, let’s play iSpy.

    I spy with my little eye Rachel’s cleavage.

    Or wait, did I play the game wrong? 😛

  4. potah ka lee ang manyak mo talaga. boo.

  5. Hindi naman talaga nawawalan ng JJ sa fair. Pero relatively safe naman basta alam mo kung pano kumilos. Siyempre hindi ka pupunta sa mosh pit di ba? Fun ang fair. Lalo na pag naririnig mo yung mga banda na pinipiit ang mga JJ. “Mga pare, wag ganyan. Nasa UP kayo. Iba dito.” It somehow gives you a sense of pride. Onga naman di ba? UP fair ito. UP. Agree with Rach. Don’t let them spoil the fun. Part ng UP ang fair. So ang chever mo pag di mo to ma-experience. 🙂

  6. to rach: i believed that the pic was hot. Lol.
    to bev: cleavage?! wah!!! =]
    to bhang: hayy, i’ll think about it. thanks.

  7. that is soooooooooooooooo truuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeee!!!!hahaha!!buti nalang hindi ako nagfair…

    Ate Rach: ipagmalaki mo lang YAN…haha!

  8. to jean: you’re so an emo hater LOL

  9. bum=ela haha! new name ko ito. bagay?

    barry! wag mu nman msyado cla laitin!.
    ok. d JJs are so.. duh! haha!
    but d oders..
    dat’s how dey are.. cum on!
    sum ppol may hate you for hu u are.. but hu cares!=p
    la lng.. haha!
    anu ba yn.
    super serious!
    gusto ko kasi MAG-COMMENT sa blogs mu.. sinita mu na kc ko!=p

  10. Grabe ka manlait. Alam mo, ang mga JJ ay hindi naman taga Corinthian gardens. Galing sila sa mga lugar tulad ng balara. Pinag-iipunan talaga nila ang UP fair, at admittedly, nagiging overexcited sila kapag andun sa tapat ng mga bandang hindi naman nila maa-afford na panoorin elsewhere.
    Pero mga isko at iska tayo, at para sa masa tayo nag-aaral. Sana imbis na manlait lang tayo at mag complain na sinisira nila ang enjoyment natin, subukan din natin intindihin kung bakit ganyan ang mga JJ. At kung bakit merong mga JJ.

  11. yep, i knew that. ive waited for your kind of comment. 🙂

    REMEMBER: ang panlalait ay masama. (BOO!)

    ALWAYS REMEMBER: pero hindi investigative report ang blog post na ito para madinig ang both sides. it’s purely MY side, iyon lang. this is from a personal point of view. 🙂

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