Success Stories

Yey! Plain yey! My week is going smooth. Everything exciting is just around the corner. Success (mababaw or not) is just toppling the late-night sleeping out. Yey!

Buddies Con and Christer

SUCCESS STORY #1: Sunday afternoon-Monday morning. Even though I was already 30 minutes late for Econ class therefore too inept to enter the auditorium, I overheard my celebrity professor articulating another great line (making her the ultimate “Quotable Quote Queen”). That is you graduate from UP but you’re brought to a job where poor standards and salaries are too humiliating to take; she said that you all have the rights to say…

[If you’re applying for a job, you say,] ‘I am a College graduate, UP pa. I wouldn’t settle for such demeaning job! I would rather reserve my rights to be unemployed.’

LOL! Really, all those who are and have been in the environment of this university are sooooo self-aggrandizing. (PS Thank God my Econ 100.1 third exam’s over!)

SUCCESS STORY #2: Friday evening. At last, I’m done with Hidden Palms! I watched this whole thing for three weeks considering it’s just a one and only season. Even if people are not so contented about it, I still liked it. Hmm. Is there a second season out?!

SUCCESS STORY #3: Monday afternoon-evening. We I actually entered the hall where the Representatives do their “sessions.” I went there previously for Journ102 class but never actually got into it because I was too drowsy. Well anyway, at that day 170+ (only) out of 250 Reps were present. That makes a lot of difference, you know. There were (important) papers piled on their desks but virtually no one was reading it. While the mind-numbing roll-call for the attendance was going on, the Reps were doing their own ‘thing’. Really, that’s another reason to dislike Philippine politics.

I wanted to quote (Mareng Winnie’s partner in Debate) Pareng Oscar Orbos in the Universitas Youth Conference (which I covered for 102) last last Saturday,

If you want to be public servant, be prepared to be poor.

SUCCESS STORY #4: Monday evening. I went to Ynna’s birthday treat in a restaurant in Katips (where Sisig+Egg is really delisyoso!). It’s a little out of the blue to see me hanging-out with the UP MCO Senior members at night, but yes I bonded with them quite well— nevertheless Andreo (a Junior) was with us. Surprisingly, all of those who were present were past/present members of the Executive Board. Lol. Anyhow, the dinner was absolute (while watching the news and commenting on Lozada, and while he himself is in Ateneo real-time!).

Belated Happy B-day Ate Ynna!

SUCCESS STORY #5: Tuesday morning. I slept at 2 dawn while typing my two news stories in Journ102 for Tuesday afternoon. And when I woke up at 7, I was still typing to death. I absented myself for Comm130 class— yikes! It’s cool that even if our oral report for 102 was also that day and leaving me unprepared because it was supposed to be last week and I didn’t manage to organize the whole thing it turned out delightful. Thanks God!

SUCCESS STORY #6: Wednesday morning. At first, I was too bashful for PE 2 Sport Climbing. The first reason was that my partner/belayer — who was climbing even before the semester started— was damn too good. And second, my shoes were really not for the sport. Until she (note: babae) advised me a month ago to rent the shoes available in the gym, so I did! And yes, it did help me. From then, PE has never been so über-fun, together with my short-time ‘barkada’: Shen, Jé, Jean and Jabez (our mamang service Lol!). Thanks KFC-lunch dudes! Also, there are Ysay, Miko (my partner!) and Ariel.

SUCCESS STORY #7: Wednesday evening. AI’s baaack! Who will be the next Kelly and Carrie?! The others I didn’t consider because obviously, they made it but quite less than these two succeeders!


American Idol pic- edited. Original pic can be found in LINK

SUCCESS STORY #8: Tuesday night-Wednesday. The best success story of all: I had the best— not just a regular nap— slumber ever! Zzzz.


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  1. Cool..!!! I’m happy to hear you’re having fun and all that!… I need some rest na din barry..huhu!! Sobrang toxic major namin!! yoko na!!!… Panuorin mu “BF GF” ah? Hehe!!

  2. BFGF?! Oh come on, haha

  3. MAy cute ulit…”MY BIG LOVE!” ehehe!!

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