Candidate X Dipped in Barbecue Sauce Please

When we receive SMS jokes like this, we often laugh with our heels in the air:

Lozada ½ Pinoy ½ Intsik

Apostol ½ Pinoy ½ Bulol

Joker Arroyo ½ Pinoy ½Pikon

Miriam Santiago ½ Pinay ½ Buang

Johnny Enrile ½ GMA ½ Erap

Neri ½ Pinoy ½ Pinay

Raul Gonzales ½ Pinoy ½Linta

Gen. Razon ½ Pinoy ½ Patola

Donald Dee ½ Intsik ½ Traydor

FG ½ Pork ½ Buwaya

Gloria ½ lang.

So be it. Laugh out loud. But when the time- spent on reading this all over again and SMSing it to our phonebook list- expires, What Do We Do After? Certainly, the SMS turned the joke on us.

The University Student Council/CMC Student Council campaigns are at its celerity, trying to win the UP students’ hearts and minds; in any case that a candidate wins and stands out there, he shall wield more than enough leadership, patience and involvement for everyone’s good. That’s why perhaps I only joined campus politics in fourth and fifth grade. Selflessness- this is what the candidates are supposedly made of.

For an ordinary CMC student like me, I think that the College really needs physical and social improvement. I know that it need not like be a discotheque but let’s not forget that the structure is the sanctuary of the academe and, without doubt, enhancement of its facilities is worth a big effort from the SC.

(Interlude: pasensya na at nagpapaka-know-it-all ako sa post na ito.)

In terms of social issues, a student who has barely any cliques or organizations in the College could have just wafted with the wind from sheer alienation. The Tinig Ng Plaridel has been almost stagnant; the orgs have been evicted from their refuges a.k.a. tambayans; and the “ID security system” has vanished along with Beyoncé’s concert lag (which is a pretty good thing). But seriously, there is so much disorganization around despite the continued endeavors.
I hope the candidates-cum-council-members will take note of all of our pleas and do necessary actions. I admit the first semester of the year was a two-thumbs-up! thing. Although lately, there was a “recession.”

And to the candidates, thank you for standing there holding GPOAs that will one way or another help the College.

But frankly, please be really precise about your platform. Treat it like your research paper, as if it has these scopes and limitations that in the conclusion of it all, you shall defy. Treat it like your product, have the brand essence, representative, identifier and all. Know it and stand for it.

When I was in my 151 class, some party campaigned and distributed their GPOAs. After they babbled, I went and asked about the “tambayan issue?” One candidate had a sermon on the “Administration’s plans on [it],” but never actually answered my question. Insubstantial, substandard, pathetic. I could have raised my follow-up clarifying question but was too awkward to humiliate them (like my Senior orgmate would do hehe).

Candidates should not always think of outstripping others.
One party was too brow-raising to heed- that their platform lacked the realization that we are from the College of Mass Communication! Whatever happened to stewardship and social involvement, huh?
Lastly, be conscious of your philanthropy, don’t be just worthless faces on posters and flyers. Engender something promising and helpful, and do them in the near future as if some kind of prophecy.

It’s not that I’m a complete mean ass but there are such candidates who really are more of hurdles than helpers.


That’s why, yes, UPMCO’s bringing you “Hot Off The Grill” this Thursday Friday at the CMC Veranda, 4 onwards. Let’s all get to know the candidates. See you!



About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. FRIDAY FEB. 29 PO ANG HOT OFF THE GRILL (hindi Thursday). I-correct mo na, dali!!!


    “The Tinig Ng Plaridel has been almost stagnant”– may rason kung bakit, at dahil yun sa pera (marami pang detalye pero wala ako sa posisyon para magkwento dito). Pero sabi ng ed ng TnP, maglalabas daw sila hopefully by Thursday ng election special. Bongga.

    At IMHO, kaya hindi naging effective ang No ID No Entry system sa CMC ay dahil mismong mga taga-CMC ayaw magsuot ng ID (aminin man nila o hindi). Hanggang sa siguro napagod na rin yung guards kakasita.

    Haay tambayan. Sabi ni Dean, November daw magpapatayo. Weh, nasaan na. I’m sure that issue will be brought up on Friday.

  2. Barry, bibbo ang mga blogs ^_^ panalo ka sa SEGUE for hot-off the grill 🙂 yes yes yes…

  3. oo nga eh. naka-nang segueway.

    ok fine, maglalabas ang tnp ng wallpaper news sa martes AT special elections pamphlet sa thursday. keri?

  4. hey barry cyrus… nice ideas you got there. why not name names?

  5. hoy baRRy!!!!! forward mo sa kin yun ha? hehe….
    but it’s definitely true! sa halip na makatulong sila, ano’ng ginagawa nila? dinadagdagan lang nila ang mga problema natin!!!!!!!! i also doubt lozada’s credibility now, kasi namumulitika na siya. (no offense meant to his supporters…) mabuhay ang pilipinas!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  6. to rach: corrected na. hehe.
    sandy: see you there!
    reuben: Lol
    liquid gold[?]: i prefer to keep my ethics =]

  7. that’s right! haha. i thought you would recognize me 🙂

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