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I am SummerMan

So I really thought that it’s summer: searing heat, jubilating station IDs, pouring advertisements and promos, Lenten season, scowling Jessica Zafra, bungang araw, etcetera. But it seems to bother (and alarm!) me that I’m still here in Manila reviewing for one more exam plus a paper whilst drooling over how my high school friends spend their vacation. Alas, the horror of the finals week has drilled through my marrow (sagad sa buto).

Summer na!

I took the picture last December break when I went with my pop in the seaside near our residence in Narvacan, Ilocos Sur. I just edited it for the purpose of relieving myself from my PoliSci notes perusal while exciting myself for a great two-month vacation. There are a lot of reasons on why I long for summer:

( just 5, 4, 3, 2,1 days away ☼ )


Dance Deviance

The adage “parehong kaliwa ang paa” used to refer to people who cannot dance is inapplicable for my case. No, I don’t shake a booty- it’s because I CAWNT dance at all. (Note that it’s CAWNT, the British way).

Dancing is an art of expression- that’s no question. My forms of expression though- the artiste way- are unfortunately not through grooving on the stage spewing pulses of kinetic energy to the cheering crowds (and JJs). I draw. I write. I sing [?]. These are seemingly effortless. It has become a prophecy however that dancing is not for me. Again, unfortunately.

( why i don’t dance )

My New Car, Phone, Etc.

Nanalo ako ng kotse, 1 M pounds, Nokia phones, WOW!

(The Evidence )

Climbing Every Mountain

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We only have two hours (translated to one session) per week. One chance to climb and release stress. One chance to swallow frailty and fume smokes of willpower. One chance to see your friends who incidentally memorize your name because it has been written on the back of your shirt throughout the semester. One PE subject that I enjoyed the most and loathed when the last session came.

( Climb every mountain ♪ Ford every stream )