The fifth Friday of February was overkill for me. Thanks to Journ151 which completely savaged my sleeping time (read: puyatan na naman)! I really never thought that this course would be this haggard-ing. Last Thursday, we had a shoot in UP to come up with a 30-second TV ad storyboard. Yes, it was a group effort but at the end of the semester, I [fervently] wished hoped to have a good grade— crossed fingers! 


I wanna thank my 151 groupmates for making everything go smooth from start to finish. Now, I am proud to say that “the juice is worth the squeeze” (The Girl Next Door). And yet after the criticism and the yammering, it turned out my day wasn’t over YET.

At 2 PM, I volunteered my self to help orgmates Ge and Yvonnes’ taping in CMC for their thesis. And little by little, I have been their thesis constituent the fact that they’re from BroadComm and I’m from Journ. After a year or so, I’m going to start doing mine too; though I always thought believed that I’m gonna graduate WITHOUT a thesis. Tang ina. Lol.


Long before, I was with them in doing their research and recording although I wasn’t really helping (to think that I have requirements to finish too). No, they aren’t some onerous Seniors to heed – I was just being ‘helpful,’ being their ersatz extra. Lol.

After the one-hour taping, we headed to the CMC veranda to attend UPMCO’s Hot Off the Grill (the official miting de avance of the College). It started 4:30 with Kaisa, Alyansa, Stand-UP and the independents on the hot seat. Then finally, it was the [most anticipated] turn of the College’s candidates to be “grilled.”


I hate to do the story-telling; all I can pronounce is that this was the most heated miting de avance I have ever witnessed! Congratulations to RATT! While there was an interfaith rally in Makati against this sordid administration, we were creating our own “noise” in UP.


And as for me, I’m voting for Marian, Ruth (CMC) and Bikoy (USC)— that’s for sure. Don’t vamp a reason that because they are my friends. I really believed in them. And lastly, with my affiliations and biases aside, at least in CMC I am a STAND-UP by heart. 

Whew! Altogether now, “Thanks God it’s Friday Fryday’s over!”


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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. actually, medyo napaparanoid ako with the two different choppers na paulit-ulit dumadaan sa parking lot. paano kasi, yung isang chopper may streamer na hindi ko naman mabasa, at yung isa naman, parang chopper ng militar (or not?). siguro akala nila may rally tayo dun. nyahahaha.

  2. ako rin. i thought may gulo na between the rallyistas and gloria

  3. wow! ang cute cute nung pic niyo sa 151!:P powerhouse!:P i miss yah!

    .shyet lang ang pulitika sa UP ha! have u seen the hazing pics? tsktsk.

  4. hazing pics? where?

  5. net. search for it. Upsilon hazing pics.haha. kaya wag ka mag-frat Barry!!!

    hay. f*ck! si Third pa nanalo!hmmmppp!!!

    si Mheng, winner!! and Amae’s so level-up!haha.. di na sila maabot!

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