The Goriest Love of All

If you hate musicals, boy have I got a movie for you. You’ll begin to love musicals after! Indeed, Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd: the Demon Barber of Fleet Street reminded me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, only with less of the hues. This movie is one heck of a “Children-Don’t-You-Dare-Watch-This!” thing. And as for those Harry Potter fans, say hello to Snape and Scabbers loathsome for not being… Snape and Scabbers!


Anyway, after his marvelous execution in Charlie, Johnny Depp once again puts the zest in the usual good-goody almost-perfect heroes Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt would usually portray. In Sweeney Todd, he (Benjamin Parker a.k.a Todd) talks less, sings a lot but more importantly he grins and scowls just right. Hello to the bloodstains, blood sprinkles and blood outpours!

Click here to get the whole story. Tinatamad akong mag-type.

There was a barber and his wife

And she was beautiful!

Shifting to the conclusion: the moral lesson is “Not everything is about Revenge.” Todd has to think over a million times before doing something nasty. He always needed Mrs. Lovett (Helena Bonham Carter) to help him calm down and plan first before going off his rocker.

Seriously Alan Rickman (Judge Turpin a.k.a “Snape in English fashion”) looked pathetic as an aristocrat. Obviously, he’s only recognizable as Snape and no one else. Translation: He must compromise with this acting. On the other hand, Timothy Spall (Beadle Banford) looked so much like a ne’er-do-well clown that he almost looked like Penguin (of The Batman).

Minus the previous comments, lousy yet unforgivable editing and nauseous special effects, I liked this movie. Thanks to the story, Depp’s acting, costume design, blood pours and the color.

Note: If I get invited to a Halloween party next time, I’d be Sweeney Todd. Hehe.



Altogether now,

I’ll steal you, Johanna

I’ll steal you

Do they think that walls can hide you?

Even now I’m at your window

I am at the dark beside you

Buried sweetly in your yellow hairrrrrr.


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  1. pahiram naman mga vcds mu dis vacation.. ah!? HEHE.. sorry na for last tym, wala naman kc talaga me mkita na sinasabi mo..and toxic me dat tym..bawi me next tym..promize!..=]

  2. I LOVE SWEENEY TODD!!! I watched it on its first week palang sa Trinoma!! IT IS THE BEST MUSICAL I HAVE WATCHED SO FAR… ang galing ni Helena Bonham-Carter, love her character…btw san mo nakuha yung beach pic na yan?! I was looking all over the net pero I can’t find one…anyway…
    “Ladies and gentlemen…may I have your attention puhleeeaaasssee…”
    “Nothing’s gonna hurt you…not while I’m around…” are like my favorite songs in the movie! Go Sweeney!

  3. i captured the image from my computer while viewing it (dun sa media player) then i edited it 🙂

  4. Yay for sweeney todd!

    i just love that movie. and you know that.
    impluwensya ko yan!

    blood, oh blood!

  5. salamat sa DVD! =)

  6. clap3x
    at first I think that this movie is really weird but when I tried to watch
    it I was….Gdammit! I was proved wrong…

    yeah a person can really do anything just because of LOVE!!^^

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