new-eic.jpgMaking it to the Philippine Collegian is a big whoa. How much glamour is on hand if you actually make it as an editor? How much more prestige is staged if you make it as the editor-in-chief?! When Jerrie Abella, the incumbent EIC ran for the USC office recently, he withdrew from his post not as a prerequisite for all running candidates but to as if keep his ethics or something, gee, I dunno.

For the next year (yata), there’ll be The New EIC. And yes, my blockmate AMAE who come to think of it, applied only this year, is the NEW EIC!!! K6 Fireworks ahoy! Libre libre libre! I’m so exultantly happy for her! Congratulations Amae!


Anyway, yesterday was like hell. To begin with, I have classes on Tuesdays from 8:30 to 4 PM with no break at all. So obviously, you guys cannot approach me because I’m too damn busy. My apologies to the DZUP-RC: I didn’t give any time in covering the university and college elections. I feel too tightly strapped around the whole of my academics and other few commitments. If only I could shuffle all things right…

Moving on, the MBO: IBOX Edition event in Yakal Residence Hall was not an immense success. Thanks to the technical glitches and our incapacity to communicate with the dormitory’s television, we started at 6:45 instead of 6 PM— SORRY =[ .

I thought that I won’t make it out alive but thanks to my orgmates who helped a lot even if I was not myself that moment! I appreciate it the fact that this came as unexpected. Here’s to more adrenaline rush for the next years!


Thanks to:

Ana, Ed, Harry, Jerson, Kea, Melai, Nel, Nen, Rizza, Sandy, Shen Steph, Transfi Ed and direk Simon.

Whew! Perhaps this is my last SET pseudo-project for the year and I’m just glad that even though the boo-boos fostered so much delay, we ended the program at exactly 8 with all the flicks and MTVs presented. Not to mention, the audience did enjoy evident on their applauses.


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. Harry Henrian Bayona

    Barry, upload all the pics.

  2. Para lang si Transfi…(or was it Jedd?) sa autobio nya, lol.

    Let’s worship Kuya Stan. He worked a miracle.

    Thank god for Jerson at Harry at nagawa nilang i-stretch at i-entertain ang audience for 45 minutes. BC training, haha!

    Kudos to buddy Ana Tan because she used her head and suggested using the laptop to play the damn videos.

    …At bakit ko nilalagay lahat ng pasasalamat dito?

    Gagaya ako kay Harry~leeching.

  3. hmmm..wala pala kaming pic ni nel…sayang. 🙂 haha. but it was fun seeing u guys panic. haha. congrats barry.

  4. congrats SET!
    at paumanhin na ako naman ang wala dahil sa coverage ako tumutok. hee. 🙂

  5. to harry: tinatamad ako hehe
    to kea: yey! =]
    to tintin: yes?
    to nen: pasensya apat lang ung pics. iyan lang ung nakuha ko eh haha
    rach: salamat

  6. ha! i’m with amae 3x a week.ahahha. upload mo naman ung 2 pictures (unedited ha)..

    double celebration for K6!!.. mehng’s victory pa!hahaa.. ansaya ng block!:P

  7. ehem. paalala lng.. k5 si meng.=p
    ehem uli. barry, rubbing elbow wid d new EIC? wla ka na bng ibng malelabel kay amae?=p

    u really look good together. swear!=))

  8. ngax. bum is a basher! wahh! LOL

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