Daily Archives: March 13, 2008

Freedom (from) the Press

Yesterday, after the ultra-tiring Sport Climbing class, I schmoozed with a blockmate from the CMC lib to the Main Lib to finally call it a day. We were talking a hybrid of peculiar things plus sensible ones like how Amae achieved the splendid podium as the Kule EIC and our other batchmates who were rumored to be pending on the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s scholarship list. It was fun, recalling all those “current events,” at the same time looking down on ourselves as mere Journalism students. Lol.

Ever since, this blockmate of mine kept insisting that she’s not a Journ-material for real, compared to our excelling batchmates; she said that evidently, she isn’t savvy on reportage and research. And I knew those admissions even before. And I, among our blockmates, have been pouring out my convincing powers to let them stay. Nonetheless, she wasn’t only the one who’s planning to shift. In my batch, there are lots of ‘em.

( I have more alarming stats )