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Yesterday, after the ultra-tiring Sport Climbing class, I schmoozed with a blockmate from the CMC lib to the Main Lib to finally call it a day. We were talking a hybrid of peculiar things plus sensible ones like how Amae achieved the splendid podium as the Kule EIC and our other batchmates who were rumored to be pending on the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s scholarship list. It was fun, recalling all those “current events,” at the same time looking down on ourselves as mere Journalism students. Lol.

Ever since, this blockmate of mine kept insisting that she’s not a Journ-material for real, compared to our excelling batchmates; she said that evidently, she isn’t savvy on reportage and research. And I knew those admissions even before. And I, among our blockmates, have been pouring out my convincing powers to let them stay. Nonetheless, she wasn’t only the one who’s planning to shift. In my batch, there are lots of ‘em.

One of my batchmate dropped his 102 allegedly because of their self-important and haughty professor who’s excellent, yes in journalese practice however, poor in teaching. Ye’ know those kinds of profs. Come to think of it, I thought he could make it big as a reporter someday. He purportedly wanted Sport Science or Education as to satisfy his pursuits.

One of the reasons on why people neglect the course is because it won’t buy them a mansion in Ayala, Alabang (Khan, 2008). Perhaps, they have thought that in the Philippines practicality is the most essential thing in the world. Being a capitalist and not arbiters or mediators could they attain luxury. Mass Comm. is a test of luck and hardships, they say. It’s not selfishness, mind you. I wanted luxury, but I know I’m settled on finishing the Journ course.

I have a list of those who have misgivings on staying in the CMC/JournDept. Another blockmate posted on her Multiply blog that news writing fails her. I replied that I too hate it but niches are the juice of it all, just to counsel her thoughts. I have at least five other batchmates who has qualms on finishing a Journalism degree. One, I supposed, wanted to go to Broad Comm. Two wants to fly to Speech Comm. One said that if she flunks in Journ102, she’ll have Film. One just said that she wanted to be part of the SOCO (some CSI “counterpart” of the Philippines a.k.a forensic dudes), or to become a physician, or an architect or astonishingly, a police officer.

I have four blockmates who have shifted out since this year: three to the School of Economics and the other one went to the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy. I tried my best to persuade them to stay but I was eventually scorched to a total dupe. My heightened persuading powers could only do so much. Their retrospection is that my interest is not necessary their interests too. The interest on choosing and taking a course, anyway, is never a communal aspect. Who was I kidding?


It’s sad, really sad. For once, even if there’s some petty divide among the K5 and K6 2006 people, I still wanted them to stay. Hayy. For the remaining 2nd year loyal Journ bloods, KAPIT LANG.


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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. I realized in my four years of staying in Journalism is that it is not only about writing news.

    I was also on the verge of shifting in my second year cause my 101 and 102 was crap. I decided to stay though.

    And I didn’t regret staying. By your third year, you’ll see that journalism is not just writing for news but can also be advertising, PR, photography, sports, science, law etc. And I’m sure for those who want to shift, can find their niche by next year. Kids, stay lang.

    I suggest that don’t let 101 and 102 pull you down.

  2. actually, i decided that i’m staying. im just feeling sorry for my batchmates na gusto nang umalis.

  3. sooo not Journ material.

    walanghiya ka barree!ahaha.. so inaamin mong i am soo not pang-journ??haha.. aminado naman ako noh kaya di nga ako nagpipilit na. basta pag probi grade ko, fly fly na ako sa AIT.haha.. mamimiss ko kayo like oohh-soo-crazy.. kasi naman, ang close close ng K6! unlike sa ibang block.. buwhahahahhaha.. say hi t **ra for me! ahahhahahaa.. laughtrip talaga ang wednesday na un with you!:P aminin mo yan! ahahhahaha..

    anyhow, ewan.. iniisip ko lang ang block kaya ayoko mag-shift. kaya lang parang mag-shi2ft na ang everyone. haaayyy. ooohh-soo-sad..

    PS: confirmed na pala ung PDI nominees. Yay to them!:P
    may sem-ender date ang K6 (plus our ampons!) this wednesday (ktv!!), sama ka ha! mainggit ang iba jan! nyahahhahaha.

    goodluck sa career after Journ, sabi ko naman sayo di ba, magaling ka magsulat. as in. LUMELEVEL.hahha.

    ‘nyeta ka pala! may utang ka skeng oras! madaya ka! ahaha. sinamahan pa kita ng main lib tas di mo ako sinamahan kanina. mabulok ka sa Journ!haha. joke!:P sige, next time ulet barreee.:P

  4. Awww, barry. ❤ KAPIT LANG.

    It’s a choice between taking the risk and accepting the challenge or bailing out coz you realize you can never be into it- for real.

    And for those who are staying, i know we’ll not regret it. I just do. 🙂

  5. anne: =p
    kj: =]

  6. you forgot mica bulanan. that nakes us 5.

    Their retrospection is that my interest is not necessary their interests too
    –> I want you to know that me along with our other blocmates are still interested in writing professionally – i’m sure of it. there are some personal matters however that drove us to make decisions like shifting out, regardless of how much we wanted to stay.

    nasa ibayong dako lang kami ng acad oval pag kailangan niyo ng K6 company at missing in action ang iba. =)g

  7. sure, dawg

  8. Hi barrycyrus!

    When I was post-high school grad, I applied for a Journalism degree at UP Baguio. I didn’t push through with it. My dad told me that most journalists get themselves killed because of what they write. So I took Nursing (sic). After college graduation, I still wonder what I would have become if I did pursue Journ.

    You’re right–people perceive journalism as a degree that won’t bring you success. Students enrolled herein are even ridiculed. My university has a Developmental Communication degree where you could major in Journ. I’ve noticed that students in this course were often looked down on. So sad.

    Anyhow, it’s a great thing that you stayed and completed in your chosen degree. Congratulations!

    P.S.: Thanks very much for visiting my blog site! 😀


    • Gee thanks for upping my morale! Anyway, those journalists so to speak who get themselves killed are just evidences of the impunity in the government. I hope this ends soon.

      As for my career, I’m so not into hardcore news. But I still dream of becoming socially- relevant.

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