I Don’t Feel Any Pressure Right Now

Mareng Winnie!When I arrived home last night, I realized something— that indeed, I am a loved homo sapien. I used to believe that God can’t answer all our prayers at the same time; so what more if I wished for bounties on a consecutive track? But yesterday, the table turned around: I had complete bounties which ultimately painted the smile on my face. Hallelujah!

I whizzed to the School of Economics yesterday morning to witness the last (sniff) lecture a.k.a. “sermon” of my Economics celebrity professor. I We anticipated for it. In the first part, she babbled on something highbrow which I did not completely understand. In the end, she pronounced her “parting words,” (sniff sniff): That we UP students who, if at all shall live abroad in the future, should help our fellow countrymen in the domestic grounds. And that if we, intentionally or not, fail to do so, and that if she dies (sniff sniff sniff) she shall haunt us to nuts! (Sniff sniff wail!) Honestly, I regret over my few absences with her. I feel sorry for myself more than anyone. Undeniably, I will never forget the professor who fails herself on Powerpoint, who indiscriminately utters cuss words, who transforms into a political Goliath, and who admitted finally that she is elite. I will never forget the Quotable Quote Queen. I will never forget such exceptional professor named Winnie Monsod.

Con’s and Bikoy’s Exhibit

At 9 o’clock, I headed to CMC to help set-up Con’s and Bikoy’s exhibit for their Film requirement (though I didn’t know what exactly it was). I managed to keep myself free for everything else yesterday so that I hang-out for a little. Con’s exhibit was quite a doze of merriment: She had free Magic Sing for everyone! Her orgmates of course (that’s us!) took our seats and sang to our lungs until 4 PM! Genres included ‘boybands,’ birits, duets, etc. Woohoo! Thanks Buddy Con!

Sing Along!

With Melai, I went to Econ again to check my exam results. For your information, I am barely hanging on the topassornottopass thread in Econ100.1 so this was really fretting my soul, if it weren’t for the fuckin’ second exam! Tang ina. Tanga ko kasi. But after I saw my (almost) final grade… thanks God! I passed Econ after all!


At 4:30 PM, we teleported to Vinzon’s Hall rooftop for the TOCINO thing for UPMCO. After the “formal” event— where the new officers (yes, including me, yey!)— were inducted, we ate pansit with the others shakin’ their booties. Lol. I found it anomalous to turn the place into a party zone. But it was fun, so so so much fun.

Last GA?!

I am the incoming Special Events Team director for the organization and no amount of words can explain my delight from the moment it was announced till now. I was so surprised that I even turned speechless and all— and shit, I even delivered this very impersonal and worthless gratitude speech. I’m sorry for that, orgmates. But now that I’m all composed, here’s my open-speech manuscript I just wrote for everyone.


In my Talents Day, I didn’t flaunt any talent; that is because I have no talent at all— I am categorically a shy boy. When I became part of the organization, the Special Events Team— which is anyway a team of talentados— adopted me for some strange reason, even though I really wanted to go to the Media and Public Relations Team. I finally became at ease with SET, organizing extra events and parties and all. Fun indeed.

There was a time when I was under probationary status of the org, and at last I redeemed myself. Then gradually, I noticed that the org’s activities were not some trifling things that can just be “pulled off” from pure mandate, as it looked to be. There is something more in an event. I found essence in each that we did: There’s concern, effort and teamwork.

With two years in the team and the org. I thank the people who nominated me for director. I actually never expected this (for I always heeded those who have been in the E.B. from Ate Bev to Kuya Ely to Ate Kim).

And the winning part, that’s something to digest and talk about next time.


Good luck to the UPMCO’s Executive Board 2008-2009! For all these, thank you all!


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. i cant wait to econ100.1 (?) under monzon!

  2. it’s monzoD. haha. typo! anyway, yeah. you should take her, she’s really really good and all. even if mababa ako sa kanya. (it’s not her fault anyway.

  3. hahaha, may acceptance speech talaga.

    grabe, totally nawala na sa isip ko na once eh naging probi ka!

    congrats ulit!

  4. asdfghjkl Barry, for the love of all things decent, remove that embarassing photograph and replace it with Chesa.

    Salamat pala kanina. Nakakita ako nang anime book kaya talagang nagtagal ako. lol

  5. oooohhh. I love monsod. My favorite UP prof ever. 🙂

    good luck sa econ100.1, it’s a piece of cake! hehe

  6. looked like fun!!!
    i officially hate 185 for making me stay home to finish that stupid paper.

  7. to reuben: haha. umepal kasi ako. i didn’t want na after a sem tanggal agad ako sa org.

    to kea: yey!

    to jerick: yes, i’m so sad nga lang.

    to patty: cheers to the most gorgeous mprt direk! hehe.

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