I am SummerMan

So I really thought that it’s summer: searing heat, jubilating station IDs, pouring advertisements and promos, Lenten season, scowling Jessica Zafra, bungang araw, etcetera. But it seems to bother (and alarm!) me that I’m still here in Manila reviewing for one more exam plus a paper whilst drooling over how my high school friends spend their vacation. Alas, the horror of the finals week has drilled through my marrow (sagad sa buto).

Summer na!

I took the picture last December break when I went with my pop in the seaside near our residence in Narvacan, Ilocos Sur. I just edited it for the purpose of relieving myself from my PoliSci notes perusal while exciting myself for a great two-month vacation. There are a lot of reasons on why I long for summer:

5. The sunshine is excruciatingly on my list. Even if most of you guys think that it sucks, I’d rather bathe and get a tan under the sun than get sticky (and depressed) under the rain. ☼

4. Family and friends – the best way to relax is through bonding with my family and friends, crushing halo-halo ice, slurping Coke at 10:30 am meriendas, getting drive-thru and take-out meals in McDonald’s and Mister Donut, sleeping slumbering for eternity…hmmmmmm! Yahoo, I can barely wait! And speaking of my Paulinian friends (having fun and all), agalwad kayo! The party liaison will be coming back! Makaw-awiden nak talagan. Barkada sleep-overs, anyone?

Plus let us not forget that videokes are the best. I’m calling for Nix to utilize their videoke equipment. Di naman siguro uulan pag kakanta ako kasi summer naman. Lol. Or not?

On the other hand, birthday celebrators should better be aware. Carol and Christine, I know you are reading. Ehem, ehem. Ralph, you haven’t treated us yet =p.

3. I have no summer classes and that’s final. I’ve been in UP for five semesters running continuously and two-week breaks can only do so much. I need two months, baby! Most of my (yammering) high school friends are gonna be taking their classes though.Non-school activities are yet aligned. I’ve been thinking of going to my former Alma Mater to witness the COQC one-week training. I’ve missed C.A.T. by the way. (whatevs)

2. Even if non-school activities are on queue, UP is still hoarding my alter ego. I won a position in UPMCO and now, I just won as Vice President for Externals for DZUP-RC naman. I’m rethinking about it since constitutional and extra-curricular activities are never to be undermined. Hayy. But honestly, I was more surprised that I won in DZUP since I have been inactive for the last two months. Nevertheless, I would be honored to handle the job, and give enough due to both as VP and SET direk next year. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

1. No school. No books. No notebooks. No zits and eye bags. No worries. No homesickness. No professors. No imissu and imissutoo’s. No coffee (weh…). More meditation. More energy. More blogging. More halo-halo. More cold milk. More laughter. More snors. More rests. More friends. More lovesickness[?]. More movies. More American Idol. More cartoons. It’s been redundant I know, but this is the essence of this blog post anyway. =) Para inggitin kayong mga magsusummer-class. One big =p for all of YOU!

So long UP friends (blockmates, orgmates, classmates, CMCmates), I will miss you. Lol. Napagod kasi ako last summer for CWTS under Film (which has never been my inclination anyway). Soooo…. I guess I’ll see you after two months. And I expect changes: new hairs, new looks, new dispositions in life. But don’t change yourselves still. Yak, korni. Hahaha.

I’m really coming soon.

PS To the my graduating UP-MassComm friends, I wish you all the success in life. Don’t forget me, people. Lol.


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. hahahahha…
    nabyag nga summeren.

  2. oo na. oo na! hahahaha

  3. yuck, parang biglang nagsisi ako na i gave you the to-summer-or-not-to-summer advice.

    wala lang. fopc. semplanning. parehong hindi ko pa alam kung kelan. heygard.

  4. kristina javier

    ay pareho tayo, hindi na rin ako mag-summer classes, gusto ko talaga bakasyon. i know the feeling.. see you na lang sa june!!

  5. to rach: good luck, dearest vice chair!

    to tina: yeah, yeah, c u

  6. aha!!! NOW I GET IT!!!!
    kya pala di nagpaparamdam ralph!!! AYAW MANLIBRE NG GAGO! amffff =]]

    lul! ayaw nga gumana ng videoke eh.
    dereka man ta pan ko simpan mamdama dapota

  7. woohoo.. looong summer!

  8. yeah yeah. what fun!

  9. the pictures are love barry.:P pasalubong ko ah??!!

  10. thanks, future photojournalist ata toh (yak hahaha)

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