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Sixth Joyful Mystery

Hey, Christine. Happy birthday, gal. It’s ill-timed that you’re in Manila right now, awan ti mangilibre kanyami. Lol. Again, happy birthday to one of my wackiest, zaniest and craziest friends in the world. Let me tell you (and everybody else) a secret: I always laugh in whatever you do especially when you crack an outdated joke or when you kwento stuff that are extremely weird. When other people don’t laugh at what you, I ‘involuntarily’ giggle at the corner. You must be the “Sixth Joyful Mystery” of the Holy Rosary. Wink. And this is my GIFT for you.

Nevertheless, I’m stuck at home ruminating on whether to commit suicide or not (lol, kidding.). I edited some pictures for a photoblog to satisfy my corny pursuits. Hehe. The pics are here:

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Shave the Cheerleader

When I was a kid (a pesky brat, a chaotic toddler, an all-time bother), I thought I was one of the X-Men– that somehow my unbelievable abilities have not yet manifested and control was still light-years away from me- that I was a Mutant. Not to mention, I am an X-Men fan. That is why Heroes featuring “ordinary individuals with extraordinary abilities” did get my balls at lickety-split.

I bought a Season One DVD of Heroes in a market bazaar in Candon City a couple of days ago. All I could remember after was that when I got home, I whooshed to my room and achieved a DVD marathon to its first six chapters straight- of course, with Lucky Me Pancit Canton, orange cookie sandwiches (WTF?!) and Coke beside my bed. Moreover, I finished watching the DVD for roughly three days. And so I came up with this:

( Heroes Season One Review )

More Than Birds

Lately, I unearthed a Van Wilder VCD from my files and it drove me to mixed neurosis and excitement! The CD isn’t mine by the way– it’s from a close high school friend who bought it in a store in a mall in Subic in a freshman high school field trip (count the “in’s” please). He lent it to my entire barkada with me bein’ the last to watch it at home. No, it wasn’t porn (though at first, I had the intuition that it was, because it was fairly watched by one guy to another as if some kind of cocaine for a cloister of gangsters, lol!).

(taken from iMDB)

Walt Becker’s Van Wilder: The Party Liaison (2002) stars Ryan Reynolds (V.W.) as a filthy-rich yahoo who has been spending his college years in a school for more than what was expected. On an average day, the academe thwarted him as a klutz and he has been lovin’ it. In fact, he didn’t want to graduate yet: He loved school (as in the love we don’t usually get here in school if it weren’t for our chummy friends). Until the sizzling hot student journalist) Tara Reid (Gwen-yes-hyperventilate) came in and “studies” him. ( + )

Bed or Alive

So I finally make a blog post after like forever, and I know you (my ethereal audience) needed some update… random update that is:

( fuck the what?! )