Daily Archives: April 2, 2008

Babangon Ako at Mumumugan Kita

Because I really longed for summer that I could have risked my life for it (lol!), I have made a pseudo-checklist for the things that I wish to achieve right after feasting on the second semester. Many of you out there who’re gonna be taking summer classes should better not view this, or you shall perish from precipitous envy. =p My routine has been: bangon, mumog, kain, toothbrush, ligo, lakwatsa, uwi, kain, ligo, tulog. And the cycle goes on.

my summer checklist

Yes, videoke-ing is in my list. Lol. Anyway, the April Fools’ Day bomb diffused before me knowing- April 1 birthday celebrator Carol asked everyone days before to ‘notify’ me that her party was over, Shit, I exclaimed. I dunno if I were to believe them. But then, everything was a joke: Carol hasn’t partied yet, not until the party liaison (ME) was back. Hehe.

( How I celebrated April Fools’ )


A Negative Externality

Before I watched Jose Balagtas’s Anak Ng Kumander, I couldn’t spell the word “nausea.” After watchin’ t, I instantly cringed to my seat and hollered N-A-U-S-E-A. All Caps. Font style Impact. Font size 72. Font color red. Bold. Exclamatory. Nausea.


Okay, minus the exaggeration, do not blame me for have watched this. The story is: I was in the bus on my way home to Ilocos last Sunday afternoon, riveted to the television because of Live Free or Die Hard (undoubtedly one of my favorite action movies, starring Bruce Willis) and then all of a sudden, the kudoktor slots in the locally produced Anak Ng Kumander DVD. Imagine my arteries coiling till they split as I was victimized by some negative externality.

( Pacman’s first and last movie, PLEASE! )