A Negative Externality

Before I watched Jose Balagtas’s Anak Ng Kumander, I couldn’t spell the word “nausea.” After watchin’ t, I instantly cringed to my seat and hollered N-A-U-S-E-A. All Caps. Font style Impact. Font size 72. Font color red. Bold. Exclamatory. Nausea.


Okay, minus the exaggeration, do not blame me for have watched this. The story is: I was in the bus on my way home to Ilocos last Sunday afternoon, riveted to the television because of Live Free or Die Hard (undoubtedly one of my favorite action movies, starring Bruce Willis) and then all of a sudden, the kudoktor slots in the locally produced Anak Ng Kumander DVD. Imagine my arteries coiling till they split as I was victimized by some negative externality.

I just hope this’ll be Pacman’s first and last.

There are many poor aspects in the movie. But I would want to put the emphases on poor casting, poor acting and poor editing. (Now if at this point, you’re still aiming your state-of-the-art bazooka on me shouting, “How dare you stone your quibbles on the movie, you asshole?! You haven’t even taken courses beyond Film100 yet!!!” -because you liked it meaning, you’re some dense movie go-er, or because you’re some Pacman faaaaan, you better stop reading. Whitney Houston would sing this for you: I have nothing, nothing, nothiiiiiing, to explain to you.)

Poor casting. Dante Rivero can’t be Pacquaio’s rebel father. Perla Bautista can’t be Pacquaio’s Bisayan mother. Ara Mina can’t be a TV reporter. Manny Pacquaio just simply CAN’T.

Poor acting. Because the casting was a muddle, perhaps this transmogrified the acting too. One more time, Manny Pacquiao just simply CAN’T.

Poor editing. I don’t know why the shots were plunked oddly like raw clips. This movie would require a narrator to tell how the story goes. The few special effects meanwhile appeared so-so but it obviously didn’t match the selected shots where they’re supposed to enter.

Only a quarter of the movie left and I fell asleep. Good thing!


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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. wehhh… pakyaw haha.

  2. Download Free Font for Windows and Mac.

  3. yak. hahaha

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