Babangon Ako at Mumumugan Kita

Because I really longed for summer that I could have risked my life for it (lol!), I have made a pseudo-checklist for the things that I wish to achieve right after feasting on the second semester. Many of you out there who’re gonna be taking summer classes should better not view this, or you shall perish from precipitous envy. =p My routine has been: bangon, mumog, kain, toothbrush, ligo, lakwatsa, uwi, kain, ligo, tulog. And the cycle goes on.

my summer checklist

Yes, videoke-ing is in my list. Lol. Anyway, the April Fools’ Day bomb diffused before me knowing- April 1 birthday celebrator Carol asked everyone days before to ‘notify’ me that her party was over, Shit, I exclaimed. I dunno if I were to believe them. But then, everything was a joke: Carol hasn’t partied yet, not until the party liaison (ME) was back. Hehe.

B-DAY PARTY. Before lunch, I met up with a few HS friends in Nix’s and then we flew to St. Paul. Then we went to Carol’s afterwards. The videoke obsession infiltrated us that we sang out after we ate our lunch. As usual, I was the second voice for “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler wherein the “Turn Around” lyrics suited my voice like perfection. Lol. Turn around… Turn around… Turn around…

we’re definitely not fools!

SUMMER TRAINING. Yes, I dropped by St. Paul for about 20 minutes to witness the COQC training. New rules were again set- that there would be no push-ups for girls, no jogging, no “sunbathing,” etc. It’s quite redundant that every year, it worsens. I actually have no paki since I’m already an alumnus and being an S3 Training Officer terrified my routine before: I was like the aspirants who would go to school early and then, I should train them with all my efforts- that’s everyday, mind you. (I told my officers then that I was not aiming for being an S3; I’d rather settle for being the Alpha Company Commander hehe.)

The COQC issues in St. Paul never end; at least, in our batch we got to do everything arduous even if we looked like wasted dung bugs. Teamwork was especially developed and going to school for every summer training day was the reason why I unusually wake up at early dawn and get excited and all. The filth, open wounds, and cramps were just the icing of the so-called fun. I miss CAT. It’s a thing which conformity was considerably agreeable. It’s one phase in my life where I really learned many insightful things- it was so significant for all of us evident on the last training where the cadettes even sniveled. Trainings were fun; seeing my officer crush was fun; waking at 5:30 AM was fun; acquiring competitiveness was fun… suffice to say, everything about CAT was fun! Too bad, the alumni who trained us before in the summer of 2006 weren’t there just recently.

TSISMIS. A rumor has been revolving around my bonded High School section (four years kaming nagkasama, remember?) that there was a classmate of ours who was already five months pregnant. It rendered me speechless. Almost everyone in our section knows na daw, someone even gossiped that she has already given birth. What the?! How could this happen?! I couldn’t believe it.

After five second of staring to nowhere, I immediately pronounced that there’s nothing to babble about anyway. “She’s pregnant and all we could do now is morally support her and give her a chance to take care of her future baby.” She did a mistake, fine. But I know deep inside, she has regretted it and her self-esteem has dried up. In that way, she has already found her light. Whatever the story is, I hope she would still continue schooling afterwards. Society has given the taboo, I hope her boyfriend, family and friends (that’s us) wouldn’t just drill the taboo on her to remind her that she did a grave slip. You know what I mean. Okay, I’m already sounding like a father who is nangongonsinte.

FRIENDS. Happy Birthdays to Ralph (March 10) and Carol (April 1).

happy birthday ralph and carol!!!

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  1. hahahaha taena natawa ko sa banidoso tsismoso seryoso ambisyoso pic hahahahahaah

    karir na karir ni ralp yung gitara pota :3 hahahahaha

  2. and hey, mar10 for ralph dudol.

  3. bwahahahah
    piman met ni ralp.

  4. to nix: karik nga ni ralph
    to kaloh: happy bday manang

  5. As much as I want to have fun this summer, I can’t. You see, I have summer classes that I should attend. Huhu. I. HATE. THIS. PERIOD.

    PS: The title of this post made me ROFL!

  6. to christian: hehe. poor you

  7. ang chismoso mo barreee!:P..

    .. i had a few batchmates na nanganak na nga eh.

    ..sabi nila, pag galing daw sa catholic school, super magrebelde. lecheng mga madre kasi. ayan.

    ..haha. nanisi ba?!

  8. to anne: di ako tsismoso.
    the PROOF: i was the last to know that rumor. (wink)

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