Bridge Over Bubbled Water

Last night, I found myself tuning on Pinoy Idol. Whatever happened to ABC-5’s Philippine Idol and to their winner, that I am clueless. It seemed that Phil. Idol turned out to be a flop by not avenging for a second season which I eagerly anticipated. What I remembered is that the production design made the frames look purple-ish on TV- in short, the American Idol “aura” wasn’t at all present.

Not to mention, I also found myself SMS-ing with orgmates Bikay and Harry about the GMA-7 franchise, real-time. We talked about the production and the host and the judges and the audition-ers. We shared deriding thoughts on it plus AI’s.

QUIBBLE #01: Ambiguous choice of judges. Even if Harry is fuming whenever he sees Molina Jyllanhael as a judge, I wouldn’t mind. The fact is even if she’s a total turn-off, she’s somehow reputable. Bikay on the other hand claims Tymberd Wercy as a Simon Cowell wannabe. Ditto on that. Especially that I think that Wercy is not an artiste or a musician to begin with, hence he’s not qualified to be a judge. He often chatters displeasing comments a la Simon by the way. Overall, we liked Abie Oswalsid to be there. Admittedly, he’s a professional singer, and he is from UP anyway. Lol.

QUIBBLE #02: The Host. German Rupertrrez for me looked intimidating to the audition-ers who were mistly from the masa. Although he’s physiologically and socio-economically towering hence [sobrang] intimidating, Rupertrrez had so many efforts for the show. In the opening spiels of the show, he’s seen 40 meters (or feet?) above SM Mall of Asia facing the camera. I just couldn’t fathom the host-plus-the-show chemistry. Ye know. Hmmm.

QUIBBLE #03: Bravo for the production! I guess we all gave our props for that- unquestionably better than Phil. Idol’s, di ba?

QUIBBLE #04: On AI, the three of us were saddened and dismayed about Ramiele Malubay getting plunked out from the competition. Personally, I’ve got three reasons on why she still deserved a week. First, she’s Pinay. Sigh. She’s out. David H. is, too. No more Pinoys. Frown.

Next, her voice is a great advantage. This is after all a singing competition, the judges do cliché. Ramiele definitely has the voice and later, she was showing some style she lacked before. She just can’t pick the right song for her. Her “In My Life” was dull. Her “Alone” could’ve redeemed her if she weren;t sick. Frown again.

Lastly, Kristy Lee Cook ought to go first before charming Rami! No question there, right? KL keeps hanging week by week (except for her so-so “God Bless the USA”) and I hated seeing a ne’er-do-well contestant performing without the “good ones” as well. The three of us hope that KL’s next or else, this season (which is supposedly the best season ever) is gonna be swiped out from pure ire.

NEWS FLASH: So I read about the racism rumor in Patty’s blog that the AI producers and crew did want Ramiele to say-bye-bye. They affected the stage and telegenic presence through brow-raising lights nad effects, that’s how. And Harry said that they even did the same with David H. before just to keep tall, blonde, statuesque KL in the show. I hope Entertainment Weekly realize this, if it ever happened.

PS My personal bets are David Cook, Brooke White and Carly Smithson accordingly.

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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. for some reason, nanood din kami ni Pamy ng Pinoy Idol and I guess it wasn’t the same. Production wise — ten million times better. but i wasn’t feeling the judges or the contestants and the host!!! i don’t think it will grow on me, because I won’t allow it too. haha, this is more masa as compared to PI’s more middle class leanings. but that’s just me.

  2. LOL at this post.
    Sige, I’ll post my take on Pinoy Idol din.

    Nakakatuwa ‘yung mga ginagong pangalan ng judges.
    And I agree, Wyngard should shut his effing mouth. Wala siyang kredibilidad.

    Oh well, let’s give it two more weeks.
    Pag pangit, I won’t watch it again, ever, or I still might, para may malait. Hahaha.

    On American Idol, I really don’t feel the contestants ngayong season but I would like Michael Johns to win. Or puwede na rin si Carly Smithson. The two in the finale. Pag hindi, buwisit talaga ang season na ‘to. The crappest ever. Hahaha.

  3. to patty: that’s so true.
    to harry: i don’t like michael johns. sorry!

  4. i totally agree with ur opinion that pinoy
    idol’s judges are not qualified, except for ogie.
    i guess nagkukulang tlaga ng “qualified” judges
    at artists ang gma-7. LOL
    just kidding. bka magoverreact ang mga kapuso!

  5. haha.

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