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Right now, I am somehow parched on things to blog about because hanging out with friends made me busy these days. Although, I’m not missing school-that-makes-me-über-busy anyway. Lol. I just edited some pics here. This post is to satisfy a pictoblog pursuit. Kunti lang text.

Last Thursday, I slept in Jokko’s plush condo-slash-shop with Carl. Ang boring kaya, I mean tatlo lang kami. I miss sleep-overs in Jep’s place anyway, especially after proms where we all looked kinda harassed from dancing till midnight. In some way, I missed those nights where at least eight of us in the barkada are present and we’d watch a Scary Movie installment and play PS2 or play card games and stuff. And now, it’s unspeakably weird. We rarely see each other as barkada and we never saw ourselves complete again. Sigh. Thanks College.

In all justice, Jokko’s was sweiiiit! We played this fanatically crazy Nintendo Wii where we have to actualize the player. Haha. Nakakangawit sa right wrist.

Anyway, back to the pictoblog, after eating yummy steak in Joana’s, I immediately requested for the Magic Sing to be ready so that we’d spend the night singing along gleefully (while waking up the sleeping neighbors). Tin (the Atenean) meanwhile snapped (in Ilokano), “I don’t wanna sing! Are you guys from UP so interested in Magic Sing?” I replied, “Well yeah, as long as I can sing.” When the equipment was ready, Tin was the first to sing. With the first five songs to be played, four of which she sang. She definitely disliked Magic Sing, uh-huh. Hehe.

On the “Star Singer” level, the videoke king (or me) was left petrified. The thing about the technology was that it has favoritism!!! Shit, Carl and Tin, who would be howling out for goodness’s sake would get a pretty so-so score; whilst I who keep a bass voice (and queues just right =p) would get zero- as in zero! Unfair unfair. Lol.

Overall, the night was fun. Kahit kunti lang kami. I don’t know why Nix and Jep and Marky weren’t there. Honestly, as of this moment, I’m missing quite a few classmates namely, Maj, Ralph, Keneth Tan, Ada, Ervin, Fatima and Jessica. Seriously.

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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. di siya lasing diyan? haha.. sayaw niya yun sa akin ah.. dugyot! ;p

  2. uyyy, reminiscing. haaha

  3. kristina javier

    aha! kantatero ka rin pala. i’m glad you’re having so much fun!!

  4. hah! sila lng pla miss mo ha,
    duh? mis mo si ervin? uyy…. hehe!

  5. to kathy: of course, i miss you guys too. pero yun nga, yung mga namention ko, mga di ko pa nakikita for a long time.

  6. becosh i wassh mad.

  7. mad at?

  8. yooouuu guysssss

    haha kidding.

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