Bed or Alive

So I finally make a blog post after like forever, and I know you (my ethereal audience) needed some update… random update that is:

1. I’ve been in this terrible ritual wherein I sleep later than twelve midnight and wake up at ten or so in the morning; I know this is the real “me” anyway, but I’ve never seen myself- literally- at a dazzling morning sunshine I always wanted to take a photo of.

2. It’s weird that I’m not going out much! Eek! The cash is relaxed because it’s rather kept and preserved rather than overspent until I go flat broke again (pag bakasyon, alang pera, amp!). I went days ago in the graduation blow-out of Keneth’s shobe. Chem Pang just came home from Manila and is now in satisfactory posture after his operation in China, whew, thanks God! In the aforementioned evening party, we felt rankled when we two were exposed to people meters away from our private bubbles combined… we’re introverts, ye know. Wala pa iyong iba naming kabarkada.

Stupid summer classes are hovering over my friends’ schedules and I feel so left out, celebrating, but left out. Where art thou, friends?! Summer fun?!

3. As I surrender from cleaning my new room, I felt schmaltzy and went on perusing my high school portfolio. I read my poems I wrote in my first years in HS when it won inter-school awards. Shit! As I read it thoroughly, I felt ashamed of myself. Nakakahiya! Strictly grammatical naman pero, ummm, ummm, pathetic literary writings talaga! Blackmail-material.

I also crossed over my yearbooks (dalawa palang naman) and felt reminiscent. I could hardly remember my grade school moments. High school was the best, certainly. More on the latter on the succeeding posts.

4. I certainly want to have halo-halo again. Not the tabi-tabi one but the one in a cozy restaurant (now, don’t you lecture me about being an anti-Marxist and an elitist, I’m definitely not an elitist!!!). It’s just that I’ve been craving for it for weeks now. Mainstreamers would usually associate the Filipino original to Chewqueen but nevertheless, their halo-halo was kind of ostentatious- of course, too much colorful and delectable ingredients and toppings are five-stars but the shaved ice… the shaved ice is not that… shaved. I quote my tita once, “Dun sa Chewqueen, ubos na yung sahog, di pa tunaw yung yelo.”

The best alternative for me now is the one in Razon’s®, some Pampangan bistro which have branches in Manila. Their ice is “smooth” and “soft” (whatever the accurate adjective is) and altogether, the milkshake-like delightfulness could make you holler “Sulit! Sarap! Syet!” Trust me, masarap talaga dun.

5. So UP stuff naman: in UPMCO, we’re to pull-off this supposedly send-off party for the graduating members (and to those who didn’t know, you’ll gonna have your farewell party!) and even if I’m in the province, somehow everything’s going smooth. Thanks for the help, guys. Salamat. Let’s make this grand!

To my graduating friends in College:
Go for it! No one’s stopping you.
Dream big and make it big. See you when I see you!

6. Just so you know, I didn’t make it as CS or US unfortunately this time. Sad, yes but I never knew that I’d get a weighted average of one-point-something, close to 1.75. I really thought that this was hypothetically my most mediocre semester. However it’s not that I got a dos for my average and that’s a lot- considering my wretched performance.

7. And lastly, I’ve been in this Globe Unlitxt subscription lately; you see I only subscribe to it and often Sulitxt pa nga if I needed to disseminate urgent information: usually academic and org stuff. And prior to that, ngayon lang ulit ako napatext nang ganito ka-uhh-unlimited.

(In high school, I confess I was a TxtNonStop and Unlimitxt buff (ehem puppy love eww ehem). Well that was before people around school was like, SMSing people they aren’t personally acquainted to. Like it happened between those who wanna get a bigger social circle and love life fast, ugh! And so, it kinda irritated me especially when the unknowns SMS you and you immediately ask who they are and they’d conduct this knock-knock-who-am-I-dock? approach. Hay naku.)

And so to YOU, you know who YOU are, thanks for enjoying PuyaTxt with me. Lol!


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. Buti ka pa nageenjoy.

  2. i want that halo-halo too, razon’s is love.
    however, is it available in ilocos?

    come back here na lang.
    p.s. i’m currently under the marikina city hall for my cwts. that’s near where you are staying in metro manila, right?

  3. to excytine: And so to YOU, you know who YOU are, thanks for enjoying PuyaTxt with me. Lol!

    to richmond: i’m enjoying na hindi.

    to stpeh: eww, school. hahahah.

  4. haha
    baree uy ibang pics
    upload nah1

  5. i’ll try, carol. katamad kasi. ahhh, may i borrow your dvd portable mo gayam.

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