Daily Archives: April 24, 2008

Shave the Cheerleader

When I was a kid (a pesky brat, a chaotic toddler, an all-time bother), I thought I was one of the X-Men– that somehow my unbelievable abilities have not yet manifested and control was still light-years away from me- that I was a Mutant. Not to mention, I am an X-Men fan. That is why Heroes featuring “ordinary individuals with extraordinary abilities” did get my balls at lickety-split.

I bought a Season One DVD of Heroes in a market bazaar in Candon City a couple of days ago. All I could remember after was that when I got home, I whooshed to my room and achieved a DVD marathon to its first six chapters straight- of course, with Lucky Me Pancit Canton, orange cookie sandwiches (WTF?!) and Coke beside my bed. Moreover, I finished watching the DVD for roughly three days. And so I came up with this:

( Heroes Season One Review )