Shave the Cheerleader

When I was a kid (a pesky brat, a chaotic toddler, an all-time bother), I thought I was one of the X-Men– that somehow my unbelievable abilities have not yet manifested and control was still light-years away from me- that I was a Mutant. Not to mention, I am an X-Men fan. That is why Heroes featuring “ordinary individuals with extraordinary abilities” did get my balls at lickety-split.

I bought a Season One DVD of Heroes in a market bazaar in Candon City a couple of days ago. All I could remember after was that when I got home, I whooshed to my room and achieved a DVD marathon to its first six chapters straight- of course, with Lucky Me Pancit Canton, orange cookie sandwiches (WTF?!) and Coke beside my bed. Moreover, I finished watching the DVD for roughly three days. And so I came up with this:

Tim Kring somehow induced Stan Lee’s vision with Heroes. This action-adventure-drama-science-fiction was shaped to thrill people. And apart from the lack of originality of the concept of “evolution” as the starting point, this American TV series, I believe was geared to magnetize a more mature audience and to bedevil them somehow that the peculiar flare of absurdity offered by classic comic books can revolutionize history. And I know a lot of people in the world turned into tube zombies after watching the first episodes of it.

I’m glad Heroes did not ditto X-Men’s penchant of showing off at least one Mutant power for virtually every scene to remind all of us that we are watching the X-Men (I’m speaking of the movie trilogy, btw). Heroes employed somehow a “tell-don’t-show” storyline. The cast is marvelous. They fit their characters beyond so-so levels. Here is a brief review of some of the major characters.

NATHAN PETRELLI. With his stupendous ability to fly, Mister Congressman is “hardly dangerous.” He keeps a stable yet stern facade to make firm his reputation, explaining his self-obsession. Even if we see him as a strongman, he wilts like all others when his family members are staged on trials.

PETER PETRELLI. I read that his character of the hospice nurse was the hardest to cast. And initially, the Petrelli brothers were to be twins. Whatever now, Peter is like Rogue, with that almost same hazardous ability to absorb powers of others. Well they’re both rebellious. Peter on the other hand is still that immature. He saved the cheerleader’s life and becomes the first distinguished ‘hero.’

CLAIRE BENETT. Such freakish ability to “spontaneously regenerate, I wouldn’t want to have this cheerleader’s ability. Eek! Lol. Anyway, during the first times that I watched the episode where she’s about to be killed by Patient Zero and Peter comes to the rescue, I found it serendipitous (well, everything in Heroes is serendipitous anyway!) that Claire and Peter were to be the love team. Wahaha. The way they look unto each other kasi was so intriguing that it turns out they’re both Petrellis. Incest. Lol. And come on, am I the only one who thought of it? Should we blame it to the director?

Oops btw, according to my online readings, Hayden P. who was cast for Claire was awarded so many…uhhh awards. Cool! “Bring it on,” Claire!

NIKI SANDERS. Good pick for Ali Larter here. The role with an alter ego, super strength and a dysfunctional family could drain an actress but hell, she stands out. In terms of Niki, she was the character I’d love to hate. She added flavor to the series.

MICAH SANDERS. I wanna be this boy’s uncle! Lol. He’s a really really good child actor. He looks so fragile and puny that I wanna lift him up like my first-born. His power is that he can communicate with computers and other high-tech stuff through contact. Technopathy. And I knew it that he’s gonna use it in getting cash in the ATM before it happened. Clever… ME.

DL HAWKINS. I’m not a racist but I really thought that the Haitian and DL was the same person. Lol. So with his lousy ability to phase through walls like Kitty Pryde, he breaks out from jail. Now that’s just apt.

MATT PARKMAN. If Jean Grey had this power and appeared as if she was normal like the others, Matt surfaced as a freaked-out police officer. And honestly, I wouldn’t choose to have his power. Reading minds is so… tsismoso.

ISAAC MENDEZ. A guy who can paint the future. I don’t care about this guy but I loved his paintings. They were originally painted by Tim Sale, btw, some Batman illustrator. Cool, huh?

NOAH BENNETT. So I initially implied that he was the villain but it turns out he’s just the man showered with all the doubts in the world. He apparently is normal, but unlike those who have powers, he can make it out alive with every strategy he has.

HIRO NAKAMURA. And of course, how could I forget my favorite character of all. Hiro’s the man: He may be the stereotypical klutz who would end up in a mess of a hundred percent probability but he never fails to get out of it, literally and figuratively. He believes in himself unlike Peter. He has a certain disposition unlike Nathan. With his unmanageable power to “bend space and time continuum,” he starts as a geek seeking for random clues about his “mission.” Hiro is our hero.

Umm, so I guess that’s it. Bitin ba? I’ll try to blog about the other characters next time. See you soon season two. Shit, Barry’s turning into a TV drip.

PS Who’s your favorite character in Season One?


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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. “The way they look unto each other kasi was so intriguing that it turns out they’re both Petrellis. Incest. Lol. And come on, am I the only one who thought of it? Should we blame it to the director?”

    -nasabi ko na ba sayo na eto rin naisip ko nun? haha. :p

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