Sixth Joyful Mystery

Hey, Christine. Happy birthday, gal. It’s ill-timed that you’re in Manila right now, awan ti mangilibre kanyami. Lol. Again, happy birthday to one of my wackiest, zaniest and craziest friends in the world. Let me tell you (and everybody else) a secret: I always laugh in whatever you do especially when you crack an outdated joke or when you kwento stuff that are extremely weird. When other people don’t laugh at what you, I ‘involuntarily’ giggle at the corner. You must be the “Sixth Joyful Mystery” of the Holy Rosary. Wink. And this is my GIFT for you.

Nevertheless, I’m stuck at home ruminating on whether to commit suicide or not (lol, kidding.). I edited some pictures for a photoblog to satisfy my corny pursuits. Hehe. The pics are here:


POLL: So which do you think is the best thus can be awarded as the “Picture of the Moment Award” (Picomon, lol)??! Yeah, whatevs, I’m turning into a bored scumbag.

1. On the stairs in my tita’s. I could hardly remember this. I had a wooden frame of this. QUESTION: Which cartoon character/s is/are printed on my shirt? I have no idea.

2. A lil younger Barry. Innocent. Fragile. Weak. Chubby. See at how I looked at the camera. That was how I looked in my class pictures in grade school. I don’t smile.

3. I think we were in Baguio sa shot na toh. Candid, yeah. I was nuts, I had no sibling to play with. I was just spending a supposedly enjoyable time with my mom and a cousin who’s a teen then. Like hello, the age gaps.

4. Junior year, before COQC days. This was one of the days when I had a relatively profuse hair and then for COQC, we boys have to be in this silly army cut. So this shot was taken, umm, before September I guess.

5. Senior year. It was ten in the morning in September, straight from the canteen when a girl classmate stood right in front of us with her cam. I think it was Maj, her cam was a great help, it kept wonderful memories. Naks. Here with my St. Lorenzo Ruiz classmates. Kunti lang kaming boys, FYI.

6. Senior year again. This was during the first ever uhh Fiesta whatever during the Buwan Ng Wika and we from SLR class were just seated on the steps and then suddenly there was a collective motion to take a picture. Kulang pa kami niyan, wala iyong mga honor students. Lol.

7. This was just last December. Marky took this shot; I, Ivan and him went to a mall and sneaked in a videoke cubicle. I think I was singing the “Crazy For You” version of SpongeCola. (What does SpongeCola mean?)

So which is the best, people?


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. innocent? whaaaaaa
    wenla d ubing k lng ah. hahaha

  2. pota nehhh
    ji summer kiddie pic :33


  3. to caloh: i’m all-innocent until…now lol!
    to nix: whats with that? i hated it

  4. iba ang UNIFORM nyo! I mean, the pants. it’s.. beige. Ours is.. navy blue or something darker than the usual blue. It’s near to black.


  5. ours is actually what they call khaki, gee i dunno. if then, you wear exactly the color of our so-called rival school. lol.

  6. kristina javier

    laugh trip. tucked-in, pa cheeseburger ka naman! hehehe. pero the best yung got balls dawg? talagang naka-simangot. gwapo natin barry ah!! hehehe.

  7. lol. bolera.

  8. kyawt ung no summer this time pic

  9. lahat cute hahaha

  10. I’ve just been sitting around waiting for something to happen.,

  11. I don’t want to see threads like this whonews.,

  12. I don’t want to see threads like this whonews.,

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