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Total Eclipse of the Wart

be I would be exaggerating when I say that second semester gave me warts- zits, I mean. As observed in my recent posts from November to March, I have often referred to second semester as “shit.” I loathed it; it was where I get dried up every week and more often than not, on a consecutive basis. Dog-tiring. Coma-inducing. Suicidal. I can roughly pamper myself for a while.

I’ve been bored at home so I deliberately did this sorta evaluation thingy below. See how I grade my self and my profs. Hehe. Worry not, names are withheld. I’ll shame no one.

( Will I? )


Mic Only Love

Right now, I am somehow parched on things to blog about because hanging out with friends made me busy these days. Although, I’m not missing school-that-makes-me-über-busy anyway. Lol. I just edited some pics here. This post is to satisfy a pictoblog pursuit. Kunti lang text.

Last Thursday, I slept in Jokko’s plush condo-slash-shop with Carl. Ang boring kaya, I mean tatlo lang kami. ( but still ayos lang kung tutuusin )

Bridge Over Bubbled Water

Last night, I found myself tuning on Pinoy Idol. Whatever happened to ABC-5’s Philippine Idol and to their winner, that I am clueless. It seemed that Phil. Idol turned out to be a flop by not avenging for a second season which I eagerly anticipated. What I remembered is that the production design made the frames look purple-ish on TV- in short, the American Idol “aura” wasn’t at all present.

Not to mention, I also found myself SMS-ing with orgmates Bikay and Harry about the GMA-7 franchise, real-time. We talked about the production and the host and the judges and the audition-ers. We shared deriding thoughts on it plus AI’s.

( Idol Ideologies )

Babangon Ako at Mumumugan Kita

Because I really longed for summer that I could have risked my life for it (lol!), I have made a pseudo-checklist for the things that I wish to achieve right after feasting on the second semester. Many of you out there who’re gonna be taking summer classes should better not view this, or you shall perish from precipitous envy. =p My routine has been: bangon, mumog, kain, toothbrush, ligo, lakwatsa, uwi, kain, ligo, tulog. And the cycle goes on.

my summer checklist

Yes, videoke-ing is in my list. Lol. Anyway, the April Fools’ Day bomb diffused before me knowing- April 1 birthday celebrator Carol asked everyone days before to ‘notify’ me that her party was over, Shit, I exclaimed. I dunno if I were to believe them. But then, everything was a joke: Carol hasn’t partied yet, not until the party liaison (ME) was back. Hehe.

( How I celebrated April Fools’ )