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05.26.08. I have a confession: I have never gone to the beach/pool for three fuckin’ years!!! Shit, how unCOOL is that?!

I’m such a loser. Next summer, I swear I’m gonna be bathing forever on blue waters until all of me swells! Eek, now that’s freaky.

Anyway, I went to Juni’s birthday celebration in her home with nine other high school friends. It looked like she committed the day just for us so she fed us all alone, had us watch 27 Dresses and made us ride her SUV! Sweit.

It’s such a surprise that she trusted us to drive her baby since all I know, it was for me a pretty glint of a risky outing. We went to the beach with it to watch the sunset. Keneth drove the thing and I was so excited that we were to get ourselves ran out of gas therefore get stuck somewhere creepy! Lol, evil. But come on, the excitement is all-around.

( And now for something really disgusting )


Idol-Seven Hit Chart

Okay, so here are my top twenty favorite American Idol Season Seven performances (ang haba lang naman!) featuring the top twelve (minus Chikezie whom I didn’t like very much that too bad he didn’t reach my counter, oops!). They’re in my Youtube favorites and I guess most of these are the others’ faves too, or yours? In some silly attempt, I also have a few acclaimed horrible performances which happened to be personally likable. Check these out, dawg!

( My Top 20 Idol-Seven Performances )

The First Cut is the Deepest

I’ve got a really absurd chemistry with my girl-friends. I’m a great jester so I eventually end up laughing my ass off with them; meaning, as I’ve said earlier, I don’t fall for my friends. That’s a great relief, I know! Anyway, my friend Juni here had her birthday celebration last Monday (in her house down to the beach- more blogging on that later).

It would be too overrated to glorify her with her magnificent singing prowess, leadership, academic excellence, non-plastik righteousness, and the list goes on… so I’ll just make this blog post to relate to you (and her) on how important she is to all of us. And tell her that she’s a lousy joker! ( + )

Wer Na U? D2 Na Me

When Globe’s TxtNonStop promo struck the premises of teenage fad on 2005, we all got hooked. Don’t hell deny! For all I know, I remember SMSing “Txtnonstop 15” to 2870 and get unlimited messaging to fellow Globe subscribers. The assumption was all over my schoolmates’ routine. After Sun Cellular’s popularity on 2004 (even if almost all my classmates switched to Sun I didn’t, therefore I was kinda alienated), Globe was all-crazy! And I’d get at least fifteen messages in my mobile phone from people when I’d wake up; most consists of morning greetings and some are vague forwarded quotes.

I really liked the idea of unlimited SMS because at most points: situations of emergency or boredom or fast dissemination, it was all handy. It was very practical for parent-offspring, lovers, gossipers and friends. I especially am grateful that it was very much used after high school graduation: Our class never lost contact to each other since then. ( Sweiiit!!! )