Malunggay Ice Cream

04.27. It’s been long since I’ve gone to ostentatious yet underrated town fiestas. I’ll just keep remembering the good o’ days when I would be so timid and scared to melt into the faceless crowds that I’d rather clutch to my mom’s tee.

And so last Sunday, I went with some high school friends in Twenty Grand Salaried Man’s for their town fiesta. We rode a bus to get there and it was quite intriguing and at the same time amusing that the people inside stared at us as if we were terrorists camouflaging by a ludicrous attempt to look ultra-fashionable (lol, kidding!).

At 3 PM, we decided to try their Bungro Ice Cream wherein served are these ice creams flavored with such bizarre uhh flavors. I preferred to consume the malunggay ice cream and wow, it tasted like real… ice cream. Okay, it’s sweet and it contains all the fantasies your sweet tooth could wish of but you know, I thought that the food shall bring us to adventure by offering that one-of-a-kind “zest” I was waiting to savor. In short, I never tasted the supposedly “flavor.” I know it would terribly taste terrible but why did they name it malunggay ice cream? ‘Twas milky and all, and yes, it’s delicious- that’s no question.

Anyway, the pack included me, Black Colored Nails, Hard to Tame Camwhore, OJT Freaked Lasallite, Dolphin Delusion Girl and Holy Son of a Political Magnate (who drove us home, btw, thanks!). This is really becoming a meaningless incoherent entry.


And by the way, why was the second day of May such the coincidental birth date of these hot chicks…

Katrina Filart
Melai Entuna
Sandy Lipio
May 2

And if you happen to be my friend in multiply, go ahead. This meanwhile happens to be my favorite pic of all, taken from Carol’s cam:

( With OJT Freaked La Sallite Lauriz )


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Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. nice. hehe
    pagfudsan tau manen?

  2. Seriously? Malunggay Ice Cream?! Akala ko wala ng maswi-weird pa sa Sampaguita Ice Cream. Haha.

  3. to christian: yeah, but ye know, it didn’t taste like actual malunggay

  4. wow!! i wana taste it also..pagbaba ko jan ah?? libre mu ko ice cream!! hehe..alah, sayang wala me sa fuds!! haha!! i miz u ol guys..

  5. sa birthday mo na lang

  6. feeling ko bgay sa u mag-host ng food show, haha!

  7. Dear Sir/ Madame,

    Greetings from the staff of Mel and Joey!

    The top rating talk show Mel & Joey hosted by award winning broadcaster Ms. Mel Tiangco and comedian/singer/host Mr. Joey de Leon, airs every Sunday at 8:00- 9:00 PM in the Philippines and also in our International Channel (GMA Pinoy TV).

    The show features good news, inspirational stories, breakthroughs etc. This coming March, we will be having our SUMMER EPISODE. And we will visit the province of ILOCOS.

    In line with this, I want to ask if you could help us to get the contact no. of BUNGRO ICE CREAM that makes malunggay, sili and ampalaya ice cream.

    We are hoping for your favorable response.

    Thanks and God Bless!

    Gel Mariscotes
    Program Researcher
    Mel and Joey
    GMA Network Inc.
    Edsa Corner TimogQuezon City
    +63 921 616 17 82
    +632 982 77 77 loc. 2343

  8. ella marie orito

    what are the ingredients of malunggay ice cream

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