As I write this thing, I feel the urge to call myself bizarre. First off, I really don’t think I should be posting this shit to you guys. But they say it’s a blog, and it would kinda engender some therapy. Yeah, whatevs. And so before anybody out there pronounces that I’m not normal, here goes a few of my mild aberrations I just discovered myself.

1. I usually murmur to myself especially when there’s nobody around. As in, I semi-open my lips to jabber things that spontaneously come out. And I do this thing often when I complain about household chores or about urban traffic jams (especially when I’m in dealing with a screwed cabbie or when I’m late for school inside the UPCampus-Katipunan jeepney): Yes, I murmur cuss words even.

2. When I’m in the bathroom, I sing. The weird shit is that I don’t sing just suddenly; I visualize and internalize that I am standing on the American Idol stage and singin’ to a million viewers from all parts of the world. And to add, I also do this in my room.

3. I drink lotsa lotsa water before I sleep. I don’t have an underlying principle on this actually but I do know that I drink just to literally not “dry up.”

4. After having a meal, I instantly lose all my urges to talk about food. Elaboration: For instance when I just ate and we go to the grocery, I’ll back out buying what I would supposedly have wanted: junk food, yogurt, bread, etc.

5. I just begun to hate brats who are not of any genetic relationships with me. Well, I mean I don’t suggest being mean but when kids start to piss me off by theirs cries and screams especially in public places, I… implode. There was a time in freshman college year when I was walking down the street and some kid (I believed to be a seven year-old) who I crossed by actually yelled at me, “Hoy! What’s your name?!” Like, what’s up with that? Now, I’m just pure hostility.

So there, I actually have more abnormalities, some of which I beg not to disclose because of personal reasons. Lol. I guess there are also people out there who share these and some may have worse. Am I really normal?


About barrycyrus

Hi, I'm Barry Viloria, 21 and not a blogger. I occasionally bitch about what's hot, what's not, what's life-threatening and what's Blake Lively wearing but I refuse to be called a "blogger." That's it.

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  1. *raises hand*

    Guilty of #s 1 and 2, sir. Ma’am Holmes says #1 is normal, despite what my parents say, and I still think I’m not insane…yet.

  2. abnormal ka talaga..no doubt!! hehe!!

  3. to kea: pareho tayo, i don’t hink normal pa rin ako. lol

    to juni: ikaw, abnormal ang _______ mo. lol .peace

  4. hala! i also do that number three on your list!

    sometimes i think i fear drying-up..
    or that i have a phobia for getting thirsty, seriously.

    hmm.. whats the medical term for excessive thirst?
    polyphagia is for excessive hunger..

  5. wow. fellow abnormal!

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