Take Me to your Fart

HORTON. I really get somehow peeved by how Jim Carrey acts- that no matter what movie he’s filming, he’ll always be the “irresponsible, rowdy, boisterous cretin in which he mirrors the character so well (except for Batman Forever, go Riddler!!!). SPOILER: In Horton, he’s a sweet, gentle elephant that discovers that there are other minuscule beings living in a speck- literally. So the huge mammal actually communicates with the beings’ Mayor on his own (in some highly impossible way) and tells them that they’re all… well, precarious and would one way or another just be carried on the breeze with no recorded history of existence. Such fate.

I know the storyline is quite weird but I really had fun watchin’ it especially the moral behind it that says “Be you. Dare to be different. Believe in yourself. Care for others,” etc. On the parallel universe level, Horton tries to convince his jungle-mates that he’s talkin’ real and the Mayor does the same to his ‘countrymen’ (or whatever you call them). I’m just glad on how the writer or whoever jammed so many stories, sub-stories, morals, and journeys in an hour-and-a-half digital flick without making it feel cramped. And the ending- the music number- oh, it’s in effect off! Lol. But it’s still cute. Then again, I was hooked to the movie in general.

Kangaroo: What do you think you’re doing?
Tommy: Oh, you guys with worlds are in trouble!
Kangaroo: Have you forgotten what we’ve discussed?
Horton: Oh no, I’m an elephant and elephants never forget, it’s a curse really! I remember, I was on my head and you said hmm and I looked up and you said ,what are you doing?, and I said the thing about the speck, then you pulled my ears and you poked me in the forehead…
Kangaroo: Horton!
Horton: Well you did.

SUPERHERO MOVIE. Before, I actually got so jigging to see this movie: One I presumed to be a Scary Movie follow-up but when I saw it, I was practically given a wedgie!!! It’s a crap; I mean, I knew that being a gag show, it would offer those rather “imitations” to previous movies but in the end, the entire film turned out to be a pure blunder with a superlatively uneventful storyline. As the story goes HERE, we see an almost similar story of Peter Parker a.k.a. Spiderman.

( taken from here )

Uncle Albert: Oh I love you, my wife.
Person at funeral: Sir, that isn’t your wife.
Uncle Albert: Who’s is it then?
Person at funeral: It is his.
Uncle Albert: Give me five minutes.

I didn’t like the movie. With a community of serious louts, yeah it was funny. And I love how Leslie Nielsen delivers his excellent quotes and scenes. Other than that, I expected Horton to be a junk than Superhero Movie. It turned out to be the opposite.


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